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What's new in your collection/Pick-up Thread !!!

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Friday night I picked up my biggest game purchase ever: 389 CIB (there are 3 that doesn't have the manuals) games in total for Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance. There are duplicates that I'm

Down to needing only 2 more games for a complete Famicom Disk System BOXED collection.

Starting the year off good! In 2018 I found an NES M8 locally for $300 (from a game store no less). Today my wife found a Genesis demo unit on Marketplace for $40! Unfortunately I don't have a model 1

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I was surprised yesterday at retail of all things to find Ring Fit Adventure for Switch.聽 I knew from the outset they were harder to get due to what it is and the base of the system, but once the virus paranoia set in and stuff closed up the became like finding hen's teeth, unless you wanted to pay 2x (and plus) the price through amazon and ebay due to those types of people.聽 It was a total in store walk in and boom, one copy behind the counter, so I grabbed it.

Never been much on exercise other than a little of this or that, not for a long time, but so far 2/2 days and you really do feel it after, and the next morning so far.聽 What a dopey but engaging way to do things with a physical RPG style game among other modes and the story is oddly encouraging.

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I picked up a nice selection of games a few days ago. I also made a video about them, but I imagine most of you probably don't want to hear an annoying kid talk for 15 minutes straight. I'm most happy with the boxed games I got. Dr. Mario especially looks really beautiful. And I finally have a Mega Man game in my collection! I've been waiting for like what, 8 years to find one for a not terrible price?


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I haven鈥檛 posted in a while...

Got a deal on a well loved CIB NGPC, decided to resist the collecting bug for Yet Another Platform and get the Neo Pocket Game Drive instead, also got a back-lit LCD for modding, haven't had a chance to install it but soon!


Been pulling in lots of Switch games, mostly sales, a few swaps here and there.聽



Bakugan was a $5 local deal and I probably overpaid at that. DDR for Wii was a $10 local deal, not something you see every day! I won't pass up a deal on an authentic DDR pad, ever.聽


Paid $43 to finally have a manual to complete my Car Battler Joe.聽


Joined some retro trading FB groups that do claims sales, went a little overboard filling in some of my GameCube / PS2 wanlist.聽



With Mario Party 9 and Island Tour I'm really really close to completing a big milestone... not gonna divulge though... hush hush


Guardian Amiibo was a $35 deal on Woot, not crazy about the deal though because the amiibos were all damaged, not a great price actually, but I will probably keep it.聽


The time had come to pick this up, NIB.聽


Some in-store pickups today, I used to not bother with pre-order bonuses because they usually meant paying MSRP for something I'm not gonna play yet, but recently I realized I really like these things and if I want them I gotta be willing to pay up.聽

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Two weeks ago I met with one of my local contacts, the guy that has the storehouse of goodies. Generally, I'll always buy whatever he digs up for me, and if he finds empty boxes or lose manuals, he will generally give them to me for free, as he has no use for them anymore.

Two weeks back, part of what he unearthed was the box and manual to the Sega MD game Eliminate Down, though no cartridge. I didn't realise the value of the game until I got back home.

From that point on, I wondered if my contact had the cartridge lying around somewhere in the storehouse or not, but it's a situation where I can't request him to search for specific items, so I just need to buy what he turns up, hoping that there's something good inside.聽

Well today he handed me a bag of goodies, and there was something really nice inside.

Price paid for this one, $4.IMG20200718122112.thumb.jpg.0f5cb26006143594d4075602d97655a3.jpg

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No picture, but Saturday I went to get a quick bite before an afternoon thing, and I went into half price expecting nothing, but for once it wasn't.聽 Checking the shelves of Wii, had a double take moment.聽 Once seeing Klonoa, twice because their computers value it for their tags at $10, yup... $10.聽 Sells for $50-70 on ebay so that's a win, a win to keep as I wanted it back and refused to pay that.

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Finally found NBA Jam on a Walmart shelf...this is my 5th cabinet....the WiFi & leaderboards definitely put this one over the top
Even though this was one of my earliest favorite arcade games, I didn't expect I'd be so addicted to this once I set it up....I'm really struggling to leave the house and go get food!
After I played with my router a bit my online connection has been near flawless. I've had a bunch of really great games with up to 4 players at once. A few buzzer beaters where I wondered if my teammate was dancing around the cabinet like I was?


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I recently picked up a Sega Master System with a controller and a light gun plus 4 games. I got a small聽discount on each of the games due to the fact the all of them have various condition issues, but they are all fun to play. I really like the box art for the Master System games.09E04C43-9286-4538-8DE2-FA1462DA5C48.thumb.jpeg.3671fea9fec6cae207da7273a1f0ae10.jpeg


Space Harrier is my favourite game out of the bunch, but I have probably played Shinobi the most.

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Blind or not, if the price was low enough to make sense that's a good buy and clean looking too.

I had luck strike twice this week basically.聽 Mind you this was ebay, but still.聽 I bumped into this listing on a mystery Neo Geo MVS game in a blue shell, also notice the guy had Windjammers too in the same with a crap sticker.聽 He had these low prices with OBOs, got to asking if he knew if they were boots or not.聽 I was able to tell they were good, and long story short, helping him ID his games using mvs-scans he did me a solid.聽 I got the mystery game+windjammers for $115!聽 (WJ in a legit shell/sticker is around $200) and the other I thought was real bout fatal fury special ended up being samurai shodown 4 which is good too.聽 I'd call it a win.

Cleaned them up nice, reprinted their stickers from mvs-scans and self laminated them to protect it and they're in my cabinet now.

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