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The Lost Art Of Podcast (Nostalgia Themed)

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Figured I would move this thread about my podcast from NA to VGS:

Topics discussed so far:

Episode 1 - Video Store Memories
Episode 2 - Top 5 Movies of 1988
Episode 3 - Cassette Tape culture
Episode 4 - Top 5 Songs of 1985
Episode 5 - Mortal Kombat
Episode 6 - Action Figures 
Episode 7 - Top 5 Video Games of 1990
Episode 8 - Landlines
Episode 9 - TV Theme Songs
Episode 10 - Top 5 Movies of 1997
Episode 11 - Summer Vacation
Episode 12 - Practical Movie Effects
Episode 13 - Top 5 Songs of 1993
Episode 14 - WWF Wrestling
Episode 15 - Top 5 TV Shows that Premiered or Ended in 1987
Episode 16 - Non-Mainstream Horror Classics
Episode 17 - Horror Through the Decades
Episode 18 - Top 5 Video Games of 1989
Episode 19 - Board Games
Episode 20 - Christmas Music
Episode 21 - Christmas Memories
Episode 22 - Top 5 Movies of 1991
Episode 23 - Top 5 Songs of 1982
Episode 24 - TV Shows and Events of 1997
Episode 25 - Michael Jackson
Episode 26 - Game Shows
Episode 27 - Video Games of 1987
Episode 28 - Movies of 1998
Episode 29 - Pee Wee Herman
Episode 30 - Songs of 1983
Episode 31 - Commercials and Commercial Jingles
Episode 32 - Non-Mainstream Horror Classics Part 2
Episode 33 - TV Shows of 1986

Episode 34 - Video Games of 1988

Episode 35 - Songs of 1994

Episode 36 - Mike Tyson (Coming Soon)



You can subscribe to the podcast on

Apple Podcasts - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-lost-art-of-podcast/id1351597634

Stitcher - https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-lost-art-of

Overcast - https://overcast.fm/itunes1351597634/the-lost-art-of-podcast

Spotify - (Search - The Lost Art Of Podcast)

If you guys get a chance to listen I'd love to hear some feedback, both positive and negative.

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New episode added.
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Figured I would move this thread about my podcast from NA to VGS: Topics discussed so far:Episode 1 - Video Store MemoriesEpisode 2 - Top 5 Movies of 1988Episode 3 - Cassette Tape cultureEpisode

We released a new episode today and it is probably my favorite so far. We discuss the songs of 1994, which is probably my favorite year for music ever:   Listen online: https://www.buzzsprou

20 hours ago, G-type said:

which episode would you suggest I try first?

Being that you are on a video game forum I would probably do one of the video game episodes. The newest episode, Video Games of 1988 is a good one. I also really enjoyed recording the following:

Episode 3 - Cassette Tape Culture

Episode 8 - Landlines

Episode 11 - Summer Vacation

Let me know what you think if you give it a listen, we are always looking for feedback and episode ideas!

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We released a new episode today and it is probably my favorite so far. We discuss the songs of 1994, which is probably my favorite year for music ever:


Listen online:

Download MP3: 


Listen on Spotify:

Spotify Playlist of Songs: 


Listen on Apple Podcast:

Listen on Overcast:

Blog w/ Show Notes:


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