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FS/FO: Switch Lite/ Vita, PS4, N64, Gameboy Games/Misc Boxes

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Slowly adding more stuff for sale.  Everything is used and in clean overall condition.  Free US shipping at $20 total order.  Feel free to make offers on multiple items.


Turquoise Switch Lite - Handheld, Box, Charger.  Lightly used/Clean overall condition -$175

Vita -$150 for the lot

Muramasa Rebirth - $20

Touch my Katamari - $15

Drive Girls - $12

Sayonara Unihara Kawase (JP) - $20

Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni - $20

Persona 4 Golden - $30

Odin Sphere - $20

Ray Gigant (Limited Run.  Sealed w/ small tear on edge) - $40


Caladrius Blaze (Play Asia) - $15

Fallout 4 Pipboy Edition - $50


Yoshis Story JP (CIB) - $10


Super Mario Land 2 (CIB) - $30

Donkey Kong (CIB) - $30


Fallout Anthology Mini Nuke  - $50

Elder Scrolls Anthology - $40

Sim Golf - $10

Boxes - FO

corpse Party 3ds

Grey switch light

Super Smash Bros Wii Bundle

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 pro controller

Splatoon 2 pro controller






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1 hour ago, Californication said:

That is tempting. Are you sure you don't need Bloodstained C/E? 😛

Haha.  May add the option for trades later.  Looking to sell currently.  Open to offers on the bundle.

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I think I know someone that could use that ED of yours for TG16.  I think he was planning to keep the system but not his games so that would work, and he's on a budget so that price would be a big help.  I'd text him but it's after midnight.

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21 minutes ago, zeppelin03 said:

Boxed famicom and FDS added.

Do you have any pictures?

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