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Sealed Games, Show Them Off!

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I figured its time to juice up this thread with a « terrific trio » 🤣.      

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1 hour ago, oracleoflosangeles said:

I just got my first graded game back from Wata. It was a game, I picked up while working at SE. I was pleasantly surprised with the score ...



Congrats! You should also post this at the "Graded Games" topic as well. 🙂

And even then I should confess that Kingdom Hears II is my second favorite in the series. 👍

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Pokkén Tournament (left) is a first production. And it is part of the "arcade" portion of my collection, which still includes my first print copy of Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road Victory.

Pocket Monsters Pikachu is one of the 20th anniversary releases. And is part of the "anniversary" portion of my collection, which currently includes Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Special Trial Version.

With that said... Thanks for the motivation, guys. 🍺

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