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VGS Atari High Scores

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110,160 I think I died on the final boss. Level 5 is hard. Fun game. If you want to maximize points, use the crouching punch.

Welcome to the Video Game Sage: Atari High Scores! You can submit a score for any Atari game. Photos of your high scores are encouraged!Unless otherwise specified, games are played on the default

Lets kick things off with our first spotlight challenge, Nintendo games on Atari: In addition to the highscores chart, I'm going to keep leaderboard stats to track the participation of these chal

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River Raid 2 has a lot going on. It keeps the shooter+ fuel management of the original and adds in having to alternate between air and land/sea attacks as well as take off and landing sequences. (Fortunately they are easier than Top Gun. Most of the points are scored from the land based targets of the river section. Unfortunately it's easy to run out of fuel here as well.



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I'm starting a fresh Patch Gallery for 2021...

Here's the first patch of the year:


Want to earn this? You need to play ULTIMATE YARS setting (B/B Game 6)

and earn a score of 200,000 or higher

Ultimate Yars differs from Game 1 in a couple ways: Your Zorlon Cannon can be deflected if it hits the shield. You also have to work a little harder to charge the Cannon. (normal Yars you eat 1 cell or touch the Qotile. In Ultimate, you have to eat 5 cells or touch the Qotile a few times, then touch the left side of the screen)

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