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  1. I really do like the second one so far but I have just started playing a few days ago. Literally have not unlocked anything because I keep dying LOL. So I cant answer the first question about easy replayability but your second question about getting frustrated the answer is yes. I am getting frustrated but only because this game has a steep learning curve like the first one. I also expected all the strategies I used in the first game to work in the second game but that is 100% false. Risk of Rain 2 is all about moving around constantly and the strategies and tactics are in my opinion completely different compared to the first. For example I find that flying turrets suck, the mushroom sucks because you have to stand still, which in the first game were both awesome items. Also getting every chest is not smart because you have to hunt for the right items and be as fast as possible otherwise the increasing difficulty of the game will crush you LOL. That is why I had a harder time than I should have because I didnt go in thinking it was a new game. All that said I had a brutal learning curve in the first game as well. Even more so than the second one because I had no idea what to do. The open world and aiming aspect of second one make it 10x more challenging and fun.
  2. I purchased the hard copy of Risk of Rain 2 for PS4 which includes a copy of Risk of Rain 1 and instantly was hooked on the first one. The second one is much harder in my opinion but I have literally just started playing the other day. I have to say so far I really enjoy the game. Anyone else playing? Any thoughts?
  3. There are only 2 series I have ever attempted a 100% run and those are Elder Scrolls & Grand Theft Auto. Coincidentally the first Elder Scrolls I played was Morrowind, the 3rd one in the series, and the first Grand Theft Auto I played was the 3rd one. There weren't achievements on PS2 for GTA3 like there was for Morrowind on XboX, but there was still a % completion rate in the menu like all other GTA games. For GTA3 it was the first time I experienced an open world as a criminal LOL, and that really pulled me in as a kid. That made me want to explore every inch of that world since I have never experienced anything like it before. For Morrowind it was the first time an open world provided no restrictions, you could literally do whatever you wanted to do. On top of that all the classes, socio-economic and Geo-political issues, and a ground breaking RPG structure, I was hooked. I remember just going to caves, ruins, camps, shrines, and forests all before ever doing the first main quest. Ever since those introductions to the series I have 100% completed every game so far in each series. However regarding every other game I play I would never dare attempt such a bold feat. I really dont think there is enough time in the day LOL. Too many games and too little time LOL.
  4. All depends on the buyer. I personally dont like price tags on my sealed because I enjoy the cover art. The SMB VGA75 I sold for $4500 had a price tag on the front and the buyer told me he would have payed 5500 if there was no sticker. Other fellow collectors have told me they dont care either way and some prefer it. All depends on the collector, owner, buyer.
  5. List as a buy it now with best offer on ebay for 30 days and see what happens. HA for if you want to dump it because you will lose out on the fees.
  6. LOVE me some Kung Fu Heroes! Is Ninja Borthers the sequel?
  7. This FF7 demo disc changed my life! LOL
  8. Been after this one for about 5 years now!
  9. Looks legit to me. I have just never seen one in that good condition. Usually there are frays near the hang tab and corners, but that is based on my experience. I have just never seen one that fresh, but the seem looks legit to me.
  10. As usual @jonebone posting the exact information I am researching and/or looking for. Last year it was the Final Fantasy 7 variants post. Now with the VGA to WATA breakdown. Good stuff and thanks for the information!
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