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  1. You said “just Spidermans”..? Haha, I’m guessing that was a typo. Yeah, I figure my copy would fall somewhere in the middle on the “desirability totem pole”. But you’re saying copies similar to mine went for 2k and 4.5k? Dang, that seems low?
  2. Ok, well, from what I’m gathering at the ones with a TM are non rev-a? Mine is rev-a and does have the R symbol after Nintendo Entertainment System.
  3. Wait, are you messing with me? Haha. Every single one on eBay has a TM symbol.
  4. Hmm, I’m not sure actually! I don’t have it in hand. I’ll see if I can find out.
  5. Hey guys, trying to get an idea of what this could go for. The closest I could find was a 9.0 WATA which went for around ~20k in 2019.
  6. Ok, the buyer was actually reasonable and said they would contact the person they bought the game from. Crisis averted
  7. Hey guys, so I sold a GBA-001 with 6 games on ebay. Seller today submits a return request saying "system deletes my saved game every time I turn it off". Now, unless Im crazy, this wouldn't be an issue with the console but with whatever game the person is playing... the battery or whatever. How do you think ebay would handle this? I would accept a return if the person insists but I don't feel I should have to pay for any shipping.
  8. Hmm, interesting. I guess for me, for some reason, a small difference in grade for a sealed game means even less than it does to me for cards or comics.
  9. For some reason, in my mind, I always thought that condition wouldn't matter as much with sealed games as it does in other hobbies. With baseball cards or comics, the condition/grade is more the ACTUAL object. In sealed games it's just the seal and the box, not the actual game itself. I realize it's kinda semantics or whathaveyou, but when the sealed game hobby was just blossoming I always assumed the condition wouldn't matter as much as it does for cards, comics, or coins. Comics and cards are almost valued higher exponentially as the grade goes up, especially in the uber high grades. D
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