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  1. Mae247

    MAE247 for sale

    I dont know about paypal as of the moment, i believe they will later this year Yes i will do both
  2. It’s that time of year again to get Everything started
  3. I watched it when It was on regular tv on A&E. I watched the first 2 seasons but after that kind of gave up on it because it just got to be a little much. By the way nice Cole trickle photo
  4. THANKS to everyone who has participated this go round!!
  5. shows as delivered today!!!!! AWESOME!!!
  6. I kinda noticed that myself my friend. I know the post office is famous for forgetting to scan stuff sometimes as well so I figured i would ask.
  7. Glad to see we got some homebrew action in this train as well as the last!
  8. might as well jump, the company is about to pay out to share holders and their last bit of debt was paid off this morning
  9. Lol, so I noticed. Looks like the stock will shoot up from 2.80 to almost 7-9
  10. @oshf Don't think I have ever seen the post office deliver a package so early lol. Glad it made it to you my friend!
  11. Crazy to believe that this train has 5 rides left!!!! Everyone has done such a wonderful job so far with the items!!!
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