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  1. I just added these 2 to my FDS boxed collection. In my opinion the 2 most rare titles for the Famicom Disk System
  2. Down to needing only 2 more games for a complete Famicom Disk System BOXED collection.
  3. I am in the same boat as you I have about 20 Famicom Disk System items 'floating' in the system now for 6 weeks, anyone know when they will ship things again?
  4. My first question to myself was why have it graded in the first place? Isn't the point of these fan translations and reproductions to play the game on original hardware? A sealed graded game can never have this done - retarded.
  5. I would like to suggest the addition of a new bauble/charm Diskun (the mascot of the Nintendo Famicom Disk System) I am close to completing my FDS collection
  6. Did anyone else see/hear the Pat the NES Punk segment on how WATA slabbed a Prototype that contained a production board? We cant call it a fake, but it was not correct, note its not 'graded' but by slabbing it and labeling it a Prototype they basically made a mutt cart have legitimacy in the market. This does not not look good. I find it really funny as I made a thread someplace else about the question of the possibility of WATA grading a re-sealed game as a factory sealed game - everyone on that thread said no that would never happen etc etc. I think slabbing a Mutt Cart as a real
  7. I just want to make a few more comment and these are opinions (and you know what they say about that - like assholes everyone got one). I like the look of the WATA sealed game so much better than VGA, that is why I used them, I did not get my game graded as being something that was so great that it needed to be done, I wanted it for display, and I am very happy with the end result. My problem with them was like most of the others here they say we will do it in X days and they dont but they will take the money for it - that is WRONG. As to telling to to get more people to handle the
  8. I wanted to follow up my post about my experience with WATA and hope this helps others in how to handle them; As stated I sent a sealed game to get graded (side not the end result of the cased item is great) I paid for the 'Turbo' I did not receive the Turbo return speed. I contacted WATA and we had an email exchange that got to the point of not being so friendly or cordial anymore. SO without the details, but a short version they admitted they did not provide the Turbo (30Days) when I asked for a refund on the additional Turbo fee I was told "we do not issue refunds". So I ended up te
  9. I paid that price, luckily I happen to have had a little bit of extra money for it.
  10. I got 6" wall storage cubes from the container store to store/display my boxed games. Each one holds 7 games in full boxes.
  11. It was around when the FDS was popular - I totally agree with you, I thought there is 2 things I need in my collection that Kiosk Case and one of the Diskun Gold Golf Disk prize (which I dont have yet). I would also love to get a boxed copy of: Mario Brothers All Night Nippon.
  12. So I literally just got a few new items in from a Japan eBay seller, A few of the games I made sleeves for and a storage case that looks like the original Famicom Disk Kiosk
  13. I did the amp bypass to get the audio output not so high, and I got a cable made that works with the RGB DIN to SCART - that SCART runs to a gSCART switcher and then to a OSSC to output to a 23" ASUS gaming monitor. So I just turn on the machine I want to play and the setup just handles selecting it and the OSSC handles the upscaling.
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