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  1. Did anyone else see/hear the Pat the NES Punk segment on how WATA slabbed a Prototype that contained a production board? We cant call it a fake, but it was not correct, note its not 'graded' but by slabbing it and labeling it a Prototype they basically made a mutt cart have legitimacy in the market. This does not not look good. I find it really funny as I made a thread someplace else about the question of the possibility of WATA grading a re-sealed game as a factory sealed game - everyone on that thread said no that would never happen etc etc. I think slabbing a Mutt Cart as a real Prototype opens this up again. I know we originally were talking about WATA and the prices and turn around but I have to question what is really going on there, I had my game graded and slabbed not for resale but for my own collection, it is nothing rare just a game I like that I think makes a great display for my collection, but I also know that I am not the normal client. People are paying for this service as a value adder, and if they are making mistake, raising prices and taking forever - it will hurt the collector not help them. Side question - WATA does not currently grade NeoGeo AES, what do you think will happen if they enter that market? I ask this as those carts are already insanely priced (and they are selling, not just asking prices). If you thought the asking price of a Super Mario Bros @ 100k$ was high, wait till you see a graded, complete NeoGeo AES cart!
  2. I just want to make a few more comment and these are opinions (and you know what they say about that - like assholes everyone got one). I like the look of the WATA sealed game so much better than VGA, that is why I used them, I did not get my game graded as being something that was so great that it needed to be done, I wanted it for display, and I am very happy with the end result. My problem with them was like most of the others here they say we will do it in X days and they dont but they will take the money for it - that is WRONG. As to telling to to get more people to handle the work that is exactly what I did: Here is a copy of the Exchange between myself and WATA rep Rob: (Its in reverse order) No finish it up, I paid for a service, I want that service, I paid for 30 days I want the 30 day service or I want the 15$ difference refunded. Its simple, I dont care if you work around the clock, hire more people, if you have that much business you should be able to afford it. Telling me flat out you will not refund me for something I paid for, is not acceptable. I dont want excuses, I want you to do what you say you will do, in the amount of time you say you will do it in, or dont take the additional money. You said you are unable to refund the 15$, I am sure that the payment company will handle it for you with no issues. I can show that the game was received on X date, by you own admission you missed the 30 'business day' window, but charged for it, simple that service will NOT be paid for. We can spend all day going back and forth over this, either finish up the job, and return it and refund or just finish the job and return it and I will take the issue up with the charge company - I will also promise you that I will go off the rails on every social media outlet letting them know how this transaction was taken care of. I am totally sure that its worth it for you to simply refund the the 15$ and finish the grading, boxing and shipping and not have to hear from me again. Cooper On 2/3/2020 6:17 PM, Rob (Wata Games) wrote: ##- Please type your reply above this line -## Your request (774) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email. Rob (Wata Games) Feb 3, 18:17 EST We are happy to return your game to you without encapsulating it, however you'll still be charged a $15 evaluation fee and we cannot refund the shipping but we'll refund the difference from that. Let me know how you want us to proceed. Thanks! D_ Craig Cooper Feb 3, 18:15 EST No problem I will take it up with my Payment Company I paid for a service I did not receive - we will see what they think about it. Rob (Wata Games) Feb 3, 17:41 EST We do not issue refunds for our services and will not be issuing a refund here. We are experiencing a backhaul as a result of an overwhelming amount of games submitted for Wata services and are working literally round the clock to push orders through and shipped out quickly. Thank you for your understanding. Wata Games (Wata Games) Feb 3, 17:37 EST Cooper, Grading days are estimates only - can you provide a tracking number for us to see what day it was received at our office? All the best, The Wata Team. D_ Craig Cooper Feb 3, 17:34 EST Thanks for getting back to me - which even that took over a week. But even by your own admission you missed the 'turbo' date/time to complete the grading and therefore do not get to charge for it, so please finish up my game and return it along with the 15$ difference in price that was paid for the faster service. I really had hoped for better from your company, I have used the other company in the past and hoped for better, I really did not see that with my first order, lets hope you can get this finished up quickly and the difference refunded so that we can continue to do business in the future. Cooper Wata Games (Wata Games) Feb 3, 16:54 EST Hi and thank you for reaching out - The order in question has been finished since Jan 13th - while we see the order was submitted on the 9th of December, it was not received on the 9th We count business days from when the game hits our receiving. Couple that with two holidays at the end of December, we are only slightly overdue on your order - and for that we apologize. Our time frame is for estimated days only and we are currently running a backlog - we should be able to get your game out in the next couple of days. Sorry for any inconvenience. If you would like to discuss please call our office. All the best, The Wata Team. D_ Craig Cooper Jan 24, 16:00 EST I paid for turbo ORDER #574546 [ PLACED: 12/9/2019]And well that did not happen please refund the 15$ extra I paid.
  3. I wanted to follow up my post about my experience with WATA and hope this helps others in how to handle them; As stated I sent a sealed game to get graded (side not the end result of the cased item is great) I paid for the 'Turbo' I did not receive the Turbo return speed. I contacted WATA and we had an email exchange that got to the point of not being so friendly or cordial anymore. SO without the details, but a short version they admitted they did not provide the Turbo (30Days) when I asked for a refund on the additional Turbo fee I was told "we do not issue refunds". So I ended up telling them no problem I will take it up with the Credit Card Paying system I used, finish the game and return it (graded). They did return it, and I did take it up with PayPal (who I used to pay for the service) I filed the claim and they did not try to fight the dispute, they just refunded the 17$ Turbo fee. So the moral of this story is DO NOT ACCEPT PAYING WATA FOR SOMETHING THEY DID NOT PROVIDE if you paid for the faster service, hold their feet to the fire and make them do it or make them refund you the price you paid for what you did not get.
  4. I paid that price, luckily I happen to have had a little bit of extra money for it.
  5. I got 6" wall storage cubes from the container store to store/display my boxed games. Each one holds 7 games in full boxes.
  6. It was around when the FDS was popular - I totally agree with you, I thought there is 2 things I need in my collection that Kiosk Case and one of the Diskun Gold Golf Disk prize (which I dont have yet). I would also love to get a boxed copy of: Mario Brothers All Night Nippon.
  7. So I literally just got a few new items in from a Japan eBay seller, A few of the games I made sleeves for and a storage case that looks like the original Famicom Disk Kiosk
  8. I did the amp bypass to get the audio output not so high, and I got a cable made that works with the RGB DIN to SCART - that SCART runs to a gSCART switcher and then to a OSSC to output to a 23" ASUS gaming monitor. So I just turn on the machine I want to play and the setup just handles selecting it and the OSSC handles the upscaling.
  9. Here is a snap of my setup, the games I have so far (more are showing up today(will post a photo) and a photo with Cat - well because cat.
  10. I know a lot of people say that about physical media, that is why when I buy the games I only buy ones that state they have been test and working (and of course the correct game on the disk). I also try to buy 'boxed' if they existed that way. Funny when I started buying the disk I was just like you I only wanted the ones that where special to the system: Zelda 1 & 2 Super Mario 1&2 Metroid Doki Doki Panic Zanic and several others you mentioned also, but then I found a member here that had a pretty decent lot that we came to an agreement on that were boxed so I picked them up. I have since just been adding games that I wanted to have to the collection: Twinbee Burgerrtime Donkey Kong etc etc. (the ones I made sleeves for basically) That would be neat to have here also, if anyone wants any of my sleeves they are free to use them or msg me and I will email the file, if it is the wrong size from a grab off the page here.
  11. So here is another few Sleeves I made for games that are on the way:
  12. The one in my local mall Altamonte Mall (Altamonte Springs, FL) closed about a year ago, another store in the mall wanted the space but instead of moving the store in the mall to another space they just closed it. Now we do have several other near me I would say about 5 in a 5 mile radius, so not that big a loss, just strange as its a mall with decent traffic.
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