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  1. I rewatched Halloween 3 a few nights ago. A lot better than I remember, but really could do without the little love story. That was pretty hard to believe haha. Music was great too.
  2. I had to give it an 8 just because of its difficulty towards the end to casuals. Otherwise I think its a fantastic game. One of the few games I remember playing that I didn't own that I really liked.
  3. Day is the one I like the least, but honestly I think its just the music. I know it fits that sunny/beachy vibe at times but eh. The FX are the best I think i've ever seen in a movie. For Return, 1 is great, 2 is forgettable, and 3 is just about the girl really. The intro to 3 is cool too.
  4. How can you choose 3 if you've never seen it before?! LOL I have. Its ok but that chick is hot is a twisted way. I gotta go with Night/Dawn/Day of course.
  5. I was asked if I wanted to see the show in NYC but I just wasn't super excited. Im more of an Opeth fan than Mastodon (though I've listened to older Mastodon before I got into Opeth) but the stuff they've been doing the past 10 years just doesn't grip me, the way that Ghost Reveries/Still Life/Blackwater do. I feel bad for saying that too!
  6. Could be from poor programming, or as simple as needing more graphics. Mappers were originally just logic chips, used to grab 8k of CHR or 32k PRG of data at a time, for larger games. Eventually Nintendo created mappers that allowed the programmers to access and create stuff easier IIRC, whether the game used it or not. Also could just be simpler to use the fancier mappers because they were more current. Like Waynes World/Cliffhanger, such shitty looking games use MMC3 (and are 256k large) but so is Vice Project Doom (MMC3, 256k) its is MUCH larger and varied.
  7. Years ago I made some lists with all this stuff on it. Basically what you're looking for is any game that can fill an NROM 256k board. This is what I got when sorted (also by release date): 1985: 10 Yard Fight Gyromite Kung Fu Soccer Stack Up Super Mario Bros (obv) Wrecking Crew 1986: Mach Rider Chubby Cherub Tag Team Wrestling 1942 Slalom 1987: Volleyball Elevator Action Spleunker Sqoon 1988: Ice Hockey Galaga Xevious Magmax Seicross Spy vs. Spy Othello 1989: Hydlide Dig Dug II
  8. I think part of the problem was, during the Covid lockdown, I had just quit my job in Feb (2020). At that point I was working every day, as a guitar teacher (public and private) as well as working in an electronics store (I was getting 30 an hour teaching in a school an hour at the store, on top of the 75 an hour private). I was getting still getting more from unemployment/covid bonus than I was working 7 days a week. I actually would have lost money if I didn't leave my job in Feb. Luckily I got a lot saved up now.
  9. Just wanted too pop in to say not only could I not name one song, I couldn't even pick this chick out of a lineup.
  10. My friend Mike at VGTP on Long Island might have some leads. I think he was doing it but stopped. He got into pinball and now has a pinball arcade out here but might have some connection.
  11. @CasualCarthaha thats amazing!! I hope it'll inspire other people for such things. It literally is just a gravy stain on a table. I always found it amusing that they took time to put it into the game. It does nothing so its been a joke between some friends of mine. But I love how you took the colors and appearance from the table and created something out of it! You can see it here at 4:00
  12. I still remember at some time in 1995/6 seeing Halloween 3 was gonna be on TV. I could never find it, or at least what I saw as Halloween 3 "Season of the witch" must have been some different movie. The elusive Halloween 3! I was so excited. I think it was on TNN or something at 1 or 2 am. Didn't take me long to get super confused where's Michael? Ahh the good old days.
  13. Lots of bad takes for bringing back the series. It should have ended at 2. But then you get 4, and 5 which puts off answering questions on someone else which 6 tries. Its so convoluted, the hell with it, lets start over again with h20. Another quick success leads to a rushed new one, which I absolutely hate. So the series now going "Fuck it. Fuck it all" I'll run with. Id rather have 78, 18 and Kills and call that my series. But it isn't any more as convoluted as F13. It comes with the territory.
  14. If you're talking about Rob Zombies Halloween, I don't even consider them Halloween movies. They don't even exist to me haha
  15. I was thinking about it a bit. Halloween kinda broke the genre for slashers, but after the first one, it was always trying to keep up with what was popular. Friday the 13th, Scream/Blair Witch etc. The past few movies seems like they stand on their own. The problem is, you can't ever have another 'suspenseful' art horror piece like 78. With our ADHD world it'll be too boring. So I think with this one they got all the main points right. Great music, atmosphere, Michael comes off as truly evil and scary. Its also got a high kill rate, so I can't say it was really lacking in anything. Im gonna watch it again later.
  16. I thought I remembered this thread. As a hardcore Halloween fan, just watched Halloween Kills. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  17. I gave it a 6. I got thru it without a guide. Just with a pen and paper. I dug it but wasn't in love with it. If you're an adventure fan, its a must play but for a casual no way.
  18. Um, I've beaten it multiple times with the good ending. I'm not the average person playing it and I was 36 the first time I beat it. You think a kid could beat this game? Its intended for little kids, no? I sure as hell couldn't. He'll I couldn't beat SMB 1 till I was in the 6th grade (although I did beat Dick Tracy when I was younger).
  19. Mr. Gimmick, certainly is a great choice except that its stupidly hard. If it was easier, I would put it at #1. Id say thats its only flaw. For me it doesn't matter, but I'm thinking for the general public.
  20. I finally went back and played Mega Turrican a couple of more times and I enjoyed it a LOT more. I guess I had to get used to it a bit.
  21. Interesting. Is it possible that its not yellowed, its just a shitter looking gray that isn't matched? I'm pretty sure the plastic wasn't made by Nintendo.
  22. Big clue on that 3 screw Stinger. Perhaps I was right about the chips and its production. The CIC chips date is 8747, and the 8k CHR RAM chip 8746. Both early Nov 87. FWIW my 5 screw Tyson also has that slim back label (no upper left hand crease or little lable lift a lot of games have, from the number press presumably) but has no number.
  23. I believe he MAY have done that, or did something with just Weird Ed. I do have pixel art of the microwave door open with the exploded hamster right next to me.
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