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  1. The saga of Paprium continues. WaterMelon has launched a new Kickstarter campaign offering digital iterations of the game (such as for Steam and PS4/5), as well as new opportunities to acquire the physical Genesis game and physical release of Pier Solar through add-ons to your pledge. I genuinely don't know how to categorize this within the framework of my thread, but the link to the Kickstarter is below. And for those who are confused by any and all references to "dolphins", they are cryptic hints at the AMB96 game that is in-development through WM, not to be confused with Project N, which to the best of my knowledge is still shelved for now.
  2. Pre-orders for Pineapple Kid for Gameboy are open!
  3. Cleaning up the list a bit, moving a number of games around based on news and developments, games nearing completion or being shelved. More to be done, but it's getting closer to current again.
  4. I haven't been following the posts here too closely so pardons if it's been mentioned. I now have 10 charms, but the site on both laptop and mobile seems to only display 9 at a time. Is it possible to display more under our ID when we post or be able to customize which ones get displayed?
  5. Added Metal Dragon for the Genesis, pre-orders now open.
  6. @Ryesher you might want to check out the new homebrew swap meet thread...
  7. Yay, so glad to see this getting going! @JamesRobotI'll definitely keep an eye out for any of your other wishlist items. In the meantime, I recently scooped up a copy of Retrozone's SMB2j (en route to me atm), and I'm interested in your copies of Hangman, Ilevan, and Vegetablets Go. Let me know how much would be necessary to supplement and make a balanced trade if you're interested!
  8. Scrobins' Table For Offer: Poronkusema-NES, CIB 2016 Halloween Scare Cart-NES, cart Game Panic-Atari 2600, CIB Alter Ego-NES, CIB (possible repro, please confirm if so and I will remove) Sgt. Helmet-NES, CIB (cart slightly damaged, peg inside cart that holds board in place broke so doesn't always stay put, game otherwise works) I have another, otherwise identical copy that is in good condition that would also part with. Looking for: (see also my main WTB thread) Boxes: - 16-bit Xmas 2011 & 2012 Games: - Garage Cart (a boy can dream!) - Hangman (K3VBOT) - KYFF - Space Foxes (Ricky Henry) - Halloween Scare Cart 2018 - CTWC 2018: Archives - Gemventure - Twin Dragons: Dinky Special Edition (Green) - Vegetablets Go - Ilevan - Waldoes Forever NES chiptune: - Anamanaguchi's Kickstarter Cart - Kreese: Project PAL - _node: d3ad_form4t - Retro Coders: Years Behind - Teletime Sega Genesis chiptune: - Tanglewood soundtrack - YM2017
  9. Welcome to this experiment in facilitating sales and trades for homebrew games! I'll make updates as needed as we try this out, but maybe having a dedicated thread for homebrew fans to try sharing what they are willing to part with and want can help some of us declutter and others find those games we've been looking for. Constructive suggestions welcome to make virtual swap meet work. Some guidelines to keep in mind: -Include what you have to offer and what you want (*remember the goal is to promote trades, so please have something to offer in addition to your wishlists). -Feel free to talk to each other here as well as via PM in order to ask questions and make deals, especially if you want to loop in others for trades involving more than two people, but please keep conversation relevant or your post may be removed to prevent clutter. -Update your post with what you have/want as you wish, I'm going to pin this thread for the time being, so there is no need to bump. -As always be respectful of each other, no one is required to buy/sell if they decide not to, pursuant to VGS' existing rules.
  10. Added Asteroids Chasers for Gameboy.
  11. First off, thanks, I'm glad you like my lists! I often worry they aren't helpful or are confusing in how I separate Almanac from Horizon, and delineate categories within those two threads. Feedback on those though is always appreciated. With regard to point 2, I'm right there with you. Although I think my next new year resolution will be to be ok not buying every new homebrew, and save my money for the ones that truly stand out. Anyway. Sometimes homebrews are only offered in limited quantities that unless you're in the know or in the right place at the right time, you're out of luck. It's frustrating when there is clearly a wider audience for these but the developer doesn't have the resources to make more themselves or lacks the interest to collaborate with a company that can scale up and distribute worldwide. This is why Broke Studio, among others, has been such a godsend. But this has been an especially big problem with the growing Famicom homebrew scene in Japan that has demonstrated little interest in distribution beyond Japan, and that includes not just the brewer but shops that decline worldwide shipping. Props to @neodolphinofor developing relationships with these devs to create a workaround with his NES releases of their games. At the end of the day, all I can do is be supportive where I think it's helpful in the hope that maybe devs will consider options for larger releases, but I try to understand when that's not feasible. But the flip side to 2 is 3. I've noticed two particularly big problems here. For Kickstarters, some don't launch a campaign at all until the game is done and just needs the funds to manufacture and distribute (which apparently rubs certain people the wrong way as not in the spirit of KS, but f them). Others launch their campaign while the game is still in development. I keep a list of all homebrews I've pre-ordered so nothing falls by the wayside, but it is disappointing when that list grows longer without some of the earliest entries coming off and delivering. But I try to dig into why that may be. Several are games I'm excited about, and the devs offer updates (on social media if not on KS), and there is a sense things are moving forward despite delays, but the truth is, this isn't their primary life and they have other responsibilities and (especially with the pandemic) I can't expect them to honor those original timelines. But other devs don't treat their audience with as much respect. I wonder if in those cases they were always like that, or the vitriol they've encountered has made them jaded. I try to be patient and respectful since you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, but my disappointment is palpable. I do try not to be a pushover either though, there’s a guy on Sega-16 who maintains an air of “any news is good news so I’ll take this as progress” even in the worst scenarios and I hope I don’t turn into him. Some of it is from those companies that devs use to scale up. I'm very aware (and in agreement) that several of the games you mentioned that you're concerned about are from First Press Games, though this is also a problem with LRG and SLG. I don't know enough about their supply chains and distribution networks, which I know has had an impact on lots of homebrews (like Action 53) but even before the pandemic, these 3 companies were incomprehensibly slow. With regard to What Remains, I believe they have a deal with Broke Studio for distribution, but at the moment all there is is the reservation list. No money has even changed hands from those reserved buyers. I look forward to when that happens but am not sure when that will move forward.
  12. Yep, the link I put into the OP for the entry will take you to his Twitter with a little info and a nice gif. If you back Nathan on Patreon you’ll get even more!
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