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  1. Well I've heard some sources are just blaming it on intoxication or something rather than being a hate crime.
  2. After one sold for $600 at the beginning of the year, I randomly mentioned in the thread that I'd pay $500 for one. It was a late night, with a few beers involved, but I'm really glad that it happened, seeing how prices have gotten silly.
  3. The difference is that the folks that buy homebrew games generally are supportive of the guys making the games. I was tarred and feathered over at NA for making an analogy between reproing homebrews for Famicom format (which wasn't considered okay) versus reproing unlicensed original Famicom games (essentially 1-3 people teams, basically like homebrew back in the day) for NES format, which for some reason was okay since it would help the carts "fit in" with the rest of their collections. A few of the old-timey homebrew guys are still bent over that analogy, and needless to say I don't and
  4. I stopped caring about this years ago. I remember back on the NA days, "repros" were highly praised, with even a silly set of "rules" determining if it were "okay" or not, on basically a game to game basis. Although a lot of the modern fakes are now coming out of China, that's basically a moot point imo as it's just a continuation of the trail of fakes, started way back during NA times. I had the foresight to see back then the problems caused by that sort of crap entering the market, the vast majority of folks didn't take issue, though now it's gotten to a point where I guess everyo
  5. I don't remember which ones he said.
  6. This one has been making the rounds recently. Student to return to Taiwan after being bludgeoned with hammer in NYC https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/4195306
  7. I thought about going for a full set of SFC titles a few years back, after finding several hundred for dirt cheap locally. After looking at the list though and noticing the vast amount of Pachinko, sports, and other rubbish on the machine, I quickly dropped that idea and got out. From what I've seen, the MD seems to have a much better ratio of good /average games to crap, and I don't even have any nostalgia towards it. Reasons such as this are why I personally feel SNES/SFC isn't as great as what it generally appears at first blush.
  8. As a child it was always Mike, followed by Leo. As an adult, definitely Raph.
  9. Wouldn't it be funny if all the myriad carts were "made" by a collector back in the day in an attempt to make an artificially rare game
  10. Obviously that's a no, just want to look at the few decent titles sitting on top of mounds of crap. Edit: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Super_Nintendo_Entertainment_System_games 1756 official titles, maybe 100 are good? Not a large percentage for a GOAT machine...
  11. Well actually you're wrong, as usual. I voted that I never played it, though would be interested in trying it. Philips is a Dutch company; one of my buddies over there mentioned that there are actually some good games on the machine. Similarly though, he mentioned that it made a lot more appearances as a media player, in business meetings and stuff, so I think @Tanookiis spot in with his fair analysis of the machine. I've held my opinion about the SNES for years, it's one of those sad realities that grew over time. After NES, N64 would have my vote, in terms of Nintendo home consoles.
  12. How about these: Game King Game King III Watara Supervision Super A'Can N64DD MiWi Vii Liko And the list keeps growing, I could do this all night.
  13. I quite liked the Castlevania games in N64 , at least back in the day. I also liked SotN. My problem with the latter is although it was fun and unique for its time, the format eventually turned into what Castlevania now is, which imo ultimately ruined the series.
  14. SNES RPGs are good, but otherwise the console does little for me. Outside of Castlevania and Super Mario World, there's nothing on there I'd generally want to play. My problem with the machine is that NES did it better. What the NES had, felt lost when moving to the SNES. Despite the "better" graphics and "better" music, I feel as though the soul of the games was lost somewhere. I'd much rather play Sega MD, and I never even had one of those during its heyday, though I did have a SNES.
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