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  1. It's totally worth getting just for the edutainment Mortal Kombat game. You can use Scorpion to stab alphabet letters and yell "get over here!". Word fatalities are awesome too. Sadly, Acclaim did the rushed port and they forgot Babalities.
  2. There isn't really a "right" approach to writing a game reviews. I enjoy different reviewers for different reasons. Some funny, others very informative like Jeremy Parish.
  3. Yeah, I thought it sucked too. But multiplayer couch co-op with non computer friends was fun.
  4. The arcade vibe of the Genesis is what really makes it great. Playing games like Golden Axe, Strider, Gauntlet IV, Road Blasters, Super Hang-on and Forgotten Worlds really brings the arcade experience home.
  5. The music is so good it always gets me ready to do battle. And it crushes me with difficultly not to long after starting. But I still think it's awesome.
  6. Played a lot on a emulator a long time ago. Have only played a real one a couple times. The thing that I found surprising with this console is the quality of the games are usually pretty good. For instance the Sega ports a lot of times are arguably better than Sega Genesis ports. I really like the TG16.
  7. Castlevania is Nintendo gold. I'm pretty sure I played it in the arcades first in a VS. cabinet. The music is catchy and memorable. After playing it I find myself humming these tunes. The gameplay is arcade like, easy to learn, hard to master, but fair. I think perfectly scales up in difficulty. The gaphics for it's time were great. It's a 9
  8. I have considered this and decided I'm going to print a ugly black and white print from my laser printer. That way I know what manuals and sleeves need to be replaced.
  9. I'm giving it a 6. EA really messed up. The price was just too high tough, I think it was like $699. If priced right, I bet the console would have had a chance. It was two years ahead of Sony and it was console to beat for games like Road Rash, Super Street Fighter and Samurai Shodown.
  10. Another vote for the NES. It's library is amazing. So many awesome 80s arcade ports. The N64 was the start of modern Nintendo so that's pretty nice.
  11. Wish you had 87-92, that's my block.
  12. I've been using the Google Chrome fakespot plugin lately. The plugin will show you grades on how honest the reviews are in Amazon. You can also just plug in a URL into their website too. It really helps when buying online and trying to weed through the BS. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fakespot-fake-amazon-revi/nakplnnackehceedgkgkokbgbmfghain?hl=en https://www.fakespot.com
  13. Just wanted to say great game toma. I've played about 4 levels and it's fun. I also own artic adventure and once I found out that you were involved in this new game I happily bought it. I hope the game gets the attention that it deserves. I haven't seen that much news about it.
  14. Quickly-pick-up and play is pretty much why I have a NES. A lot of the arcade conversions are great for 15 minutes of madness. Kid-Niki, Toki, Rollin Thunder, Bubble Bobble Even if the port is not perfect, it can be a fun time. For some reason I keep playing 1942. LOL
  15. Probably not, but if this next console generation is like last, I'll will be buying the slim PS5 in about 3 years.
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