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  1. This will never happen as you can't set up a price for 19.99. You must be able to set up any price you want and this is required by law
  2. No pain no gain. I believe almost any online course that requires payment/subscription is good enough, sometimes they are even free as open source. You can get significant understanding/reading/writing if you invest time in it
  3. Was there someone that bought a car with pennies??
  4. All you did to him is give free advertisement ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Joining the bandwagon for deep condolences
  6. Mac users should use this (found instructions somewhere): Hold the Option and Command , click on Preferences and then on Display while holding the Option + Command . Only than you'll be given the option to change the rotation of the screen. This sort of joke is more like an inconvenience rather than being funny
  7. Notifications are on top (bottom) of the page. Yep, joke not 100% optimized
  8. Earth will collide with Mars faster than you will find your game here
  9. Yes you have a point here but Steven Seagal is very brutal and a crazy person really. Under Siege was kinda dope but decent. His role in Executive Decision was just meh. Overall his old movies are decent but the newest ones are a piece of crap and are unwatchable. Also he got fat after a couple of years. So... maybe there should be something like "joke charms"?? Maybe something like
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