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  1. Oh well JOINED June 19 LAST VISITED June 19 Seems legit
  2. Probably not a scumbag seller but rather another one of those hoarders/scalpers/resellers. If they do anything blatantly suspicious or against the rules then there is quite a high chance they would be banned and removed from the website if they use some sort of fraudulent pattern of behavior, pretty easy to spot. Of course you are supposed to report them if anything like that happens, but reselling stuff- no chance, no one has ever forbidden that and that would be extremely stupid
  3. Can you imagine Steven Seagal going through in Bill & Ted movie?? Perhaps going through time and beating up primitive people, dinosaurs or Shakespeare, alongside with smashing head of Tommy Lee Jones, Mexicans and car crashing like in all of his stupid movies
  4. I think this console should be called Xbox 360 Degree Celsius
  5. Actually people do as I noticed my post sparked some sort of controversy and it was removed. Take it or leave it, this is all I can technically do
  6. Again, you don't know how photography works and don't want to acknowledge the fact that lighting in my room sucks. I'm not going to bother explaining it again Everyone see for yourself what I'm talking about. Full screen photo is much clearer and relatively readable (but even not always). Photo of the whole TV is kinda visible but the screen is noticeably worse (score displayed in little digits is completely unreadable). My camera just sucks. Tell me what I'm supposed to do in the future though. You can compare the quality. If that invalidates my scores then unfortunately I'm completely outta here
  7. Huh I'm sorry but wut, a score that qualifies for a high place is always suspicious?? This doesn't make any sense. Well, I would argue with the rules as the team probably has absolutely no idea how photography works. It's so late at night and all of my photos will look like shit anyway. If you want to photograph a screen, especially this black like Recca score screen then you are supposed to set light levels in your camera in order for screen to be visible at all. Otherwise if you want to photograph an environment (meaning the whole TV for some reason) then you COULD see something but at the same time the score would be completely unreadable, no chance. You choose either this or that. If you want me to photoshop my username into the picture then please give me 30 minutes. Otherwise even if I printed it and adhere on my screen (no idea how that would evaluate anyway) then there is 99% chance you would never see it anyway. These are the photography facts, anyone else please confirm this. If my photo has anything to do with "not being legit" then it was played on a real console on CRT. Please check full photo and see the artifacts, I have nothing else to say
  8. I was kinda surprised by how little games are left by now and also was surprised Jungle Book was not completed so I did:
  9. Just 159970 I wish I started this game earlier and had more time to waste on "old games for kids" and it's a shame because I feel I can master this one pretty easily
  10. I always thought the difficulty level in this game is horrid and got 227900 on single 1up run only
  11. YES, YES, YES!!!!! I just beat King of Fighters 99 on PS1. I played this game for 2 days until I beat that absolutely ridiculously cheap final boss. My reaction after that was literally this: To be specific, I actually played it on single play which is the traditional way to play fighting games, you know, you have to beat the opponent twice and you have 3 rounds max with only 1 loss max. This took me so long. Anyway I played the whole game as Mai with Kyo as helper. I thought once that Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat 3 was the hardest final boss I have ever encountered in my life. Man I will probably back up my words now... Well, that is until I realized I'm PROBABLY supposed to beat this game in team mode which is the default mode. That is a completely different story. So I just chose Leona, Terry, Mai and Kyo and started playing again and.. I beat this game again with 1 credit run this time. In this mode, the final boss is approximately 50 times easier as this is 4 people vs 1 final boss and only 1 victory is needed now. So in the end, I beat this game twice today and I must say team mode is very easy to complete overall If there are any fighting games fans then please let me know what you think
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