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  1. Yes you have a point here but Steven Seagal is very brutal and a crazy person really. Under Siege was kinda dope but decent. His role in Executive Decision was just meh. Overall his old movies are decent but the newest ones are a piece of crap and are unwatchable. Also he got fat after a couple of years. So... maybe there should be something like "joke charms"?? Maybe something like
  2. OSSC Pro announcement also kinda baffles me: https://videogameperfection.com/2020/01/18/ossc-pro-is-coming/ "OSSC PRO is coming!! New high end CPU!! Super Duper New HD XD 3D 4094032p Hyper Scaling!! Even more than and better than ever everything!! This device will have everything you all asked for and beyond!!!" More IO: "OSSC Pro will feature RGB SCART, D-Sub 15 (VGA) and component video inputs, just like the existing OSSC." <== no composite or S-video inputs ..............................................................................................
  3. This reminded me of Night Trap for Sega CD that initially didn't have any age rating and after that ESRB sticker was stuck to the box, it was PG-13 or M, I don't remember. At this moment I can't find any picture on the web but I swear I have a boxed copy with that extra sticker at my old house... Here we go:
  4. Does Steven Seagull set count??
  5. Am I the only one that still watches movies in 720p max on computer monitor??
  6. I can count like 107 titles in these photos
  7. I always thought TVs usually implode rather than explode?? Did that really do anything more than just a loud crash??
  8. It's a PC port done to be as close to the original, nothing else
  9. How about playing these cards in the first place?? I never played them myself so I never bothered. Considering that then you probably want to gather those that are strongest for gameplay
  10. This and add to this some guy kissing Little Samson or Earthbound CIB in the thumbnail
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