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  1. Odyssey is easily 1 for me. Galaxy is 2, Galaxy 2 is 3 and 64 is last of the 5 I’ve played.
  2. Nice list, I’ve either read, or planning to read a lot of them. Not doing any of the graphic or Star Wars stuff, or even full author runs as large as King, other than Butcher, but I’ve read most of his stuff as it comes out. I’ve also got a large section from top 100 novel lists that I pick away at, some of which are on your list too. I’m glad I’ve taken some of the more daunting ones down already like WoT.
  3. Finished the Codex Alera series, now have a quick read that my gal has been pushing on me for years, and then I will run through the last 2 Dresden Files books before tackling Gravity’s Rainbow.
  4. It’s should be 64 and not even close for anyone over the age 30. The impact that Mario Kart 64 and Goldeneye had on multiplayer was insane. Every house and dorm room had a 64 and those 2 games in high school and college. Simple power ups, simple tracks that still hold up today, showing that the more stuff you add does not make something better.
  5. As someone old enough to remember the Aha video on heavy rotation on MTV back in the day, it was an easy pick against Flagpolesitta. I’m still peeved that the wrong Human League song was picked for the tourney.
  6. 8/10- solid flick in a good year in cinema. Much better than the previous years Best Picture winner, Crash, which was arguably the weakest winner in history, but not as strong as other movies that it could have gone to. My personal pick would’ve been Children of Men, or even The Prestige. Haven’t seen the original.
  7. NA would probably be a 400 plus NES CIB and sealed lot for $5000. I kept about 300 boxes I needed, upgraded lots of other stuff and sold the extras off for about $10K in profit. I’ve found tons of nice deals on eBay but nothing sticks out, maybe a Super Nintendo superbrite sign for $100? In the wild, I would say it was a deal where I met a guy that had some magazines for sale, NIntendo Power and Game Informers mostly. Asked him if he had games for sale and bought everything including minty cibs, carts, manuals, guides and the original magazines for $300. otherw
  8. I keep high end doubles to eventually trade for things that I need. Have a bunch of the N64 bigs piling up (SC, Super Bowling, Bomberman 2nd, and Worms among other) lately as I track down the last boxes I need for the set, and often have to buy a CIB or CB when I already have the cart.
  9. 5/10 Saw it in theaters and haven’t seen it since. I remember it being alright, but a definite step down from his previous few movies.
  10. Both great films, but that last scene of Hell or Highwater is incredible and not a downer!
  11. I’ve read the book and watched the film and agree with both sides. The book is much heavier than than the film, but still not McCarty’s bleakest book.
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