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  1. No chance. I’ve received over 40 games back in 3 separate shipments since mid December. Turnaround times haven’t been exact but no one can say they haven’t seen significant improvement.
  2. Hangtab CIB all the way....it’s a thing of beauty
  3. Remove the wrap and reseal it with packaging tape. Best of both worlds
  4. I can’t see any rational arguments where this makes sense...would be a bad idea if these games were in my collection but to each their own
  5. My guess is the majority of submissions before October were turbo and select, and since December they’re likely receiving all speed-runs and warp zones...which would have been pretty hard to predict. bright side; rob arrived mid December and seems to be a workhorse, and we r seeing progress on turnaround and communication...so as long as it’s three steps forward for every one or two steps back, I’m good:)
  6. I have one at Wata that was graded with no vertical seam on the back. I’d say this is legit
  7. Pawn stars brings CGC graders to authenticate and provide a valuation whenever comics show up. I’d assume the grading companies know better than anyone what the value is of every comic that passes through their doors...and no one can track more data.
  8. This auction is insanity. Lots of very strong comps
  9. If I had the goods; I’d sell every single Mario I came in contact with....Zelda’s on the other hand are going to be passed down to my future generations...it’s not the franchise, but personally every time a new Zelda is released, it reminds me how enjoyable playing video games can be. I wouldn’t own a Nintendo console to play A Mario game...I buy Nintendo to play Zelda. furthermore, who all remembers the Mario television series back in the day. Best part of the week were the Friday Zelda clips.
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