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  1. I understand not liking grading. I survived VGA grading and laughed at 10k for SMB sealed for years because I thought giving in would change game collecting and turn it into an "investment opportunity" for speculators, which it absolutely did IMHO. I think the point here is that if you want the benefits of Pokemon and WATA hype then you have the responsibility of putting up with the annoying/slow submission process, HA fees, etc. If on the other hand you want to sell if for the $2500 I have my old NA paypal fired up
  2. Is there a reason you don't turbo warp this thing to WATA? With the risk of a low grade gone you'll increase your high-end buyer pool significantly.
  3. Has anyone got a hold of the developer since? He was such a nice guy and I love this game (never made it past level 2 myself lol). I think mine is the standard edition (says #99) in the bottom right corner but has manual and box.
  4. I'd love to know who the second bidder was too. Any bets on whether it was a prudent and careful collector of rare and wonderful plastic making an informed decision about an "investment" or a simple case of "Damn I have too much tesla stock and this money hurts"?
  5. Yeah the switch for retro games is essentially a youtube meme at the moment. Lots of folks show hauls worth hundreds and hundreds for a switch lite with nba9k or whatever. Some of my friends who sell all the time get really annoyed at the lowball offers but it's all part of the fun IMHO
  6. I haven't had much luck on marketplace (i.e. lots of work for little gain) but Facebook groups have worked out well for me. They do have their own hassles but I've found they are easier for moving larger lots. Just don't expect it to be a small amount of effort. I have hundreds of small items too and I've been slowly dribbling them out on ebay because I can post and forget. On FB I have to constantly push so it doesn't fall down on the post list. Other options Mercari, offerup, etc. are all useful sometimes but it all depends. I used to like LetGo (bought by offerup I think?) but now f
  7. Not to be a dick but your "3 screw" baseball has 5 screws. Am I missing something?
  8. I'd like to second this. I have a urban champion with circle seal which has all factory stuff (99% sure, purchased like 20 years ago and it was sealed when I purchased it as I recall) and it has a thicker bag than later releases (e.g. even later black box games). I'd have to find pictures to remember the hole size now though.
  9. This has been a super useful project, thanks to everyone! I too need to find some more bags with little holes in it to feel 'complete' Thanks!
  10. What a wonderful copy and congrats! I sent my first order in September and did the how-slow-can-we-go method so I doubt I'll see mine back this year. I had a kid icarus in similar condition to your Zelda with the cello and I'd be super pissed if they removed it Congrats!
  11. Please don't remove that cello! I'm addicted to the stuff and tend to pay a premium for it
  12. Does "Shipment cost 5000" mean you are asking 5000? I'm not sure why VGS has classifieds and a sale thread. Is this a for offer or a for sale at 5k? Thanks
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