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  1. Did anyone actually believe it was round? All I saw were people saying oval. Some being nicer than others.
  2. Looks round (circle) in that picture at that angle when you zoom in, but should be an oval when you get it and look at it.
  3. Nice! Was yours circle or oval seal? What was the 5 digit code on yours?
  4. Doesn’t appear I have any save history or anything on it.
  5. If this was the one in the Seattle area on offer up I think I even messaged the guy and asked if he would ship and no luck/response back.
  6. Even if they don’t have to “regrade.” I guess it makes sense since they still have to update everything in their system. thanks for all the cliff notes to all your wata research.
  7. How much extra is it to open/combine the better grades? Not saying they did this, but seems like if you send in two of the same thing it would almost benefit them to grade different pieces in different cibs higher to make you want to send them back and combine and spend more money.
  8. Oh, so you could take your two graded copies afterwards and send those two back to them encased and then they will open and mix and match for you and put them back?
  9. I’m fine with the list going public but just saying, if I give you my list how long are you going to hold onto all the info before posting publically?
  10. Interesting. I wonder if eventually they will have an option for you to submit multiple copies at the same time and allow them to piece it together with the highest grades and lowest grades.
  11. Sweet. I am compiling a list as well @Code Monkey Care to trade yours for mine when I get it done?
  12. Based on the pictures of the pins it looks like they were used or at least put in a system.
  13. Did you say you sent this in to wata for grading and it was in the 9s? Curious how the carts graded with the pins looking like they had been used.
  14. Maybe they had some initial stock and then ran out and had to use the adapters for duck hunt
  15. I think you are right. I don’t show any variants on any of my lists right now. If you don’t open by December I’ll open it on my Bday.
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