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  1. Beat the original C&C and C&C: Renegade. The GDI missions are so good, all leading up to the final epic battle. The nod missions are dire though, truly awful. Renegade is a goofy af FPS, and I loved it for it. Really fun to go back to and play through.
  2. Already happened on Steam with certain music tracks being removed from GTA: San Andreas. Made me regret getting rid of my physical copy.
  3. PC has been mostly digital only for a long time now as mentioned above, and I don't plan on giving up gaming any time soon. However, I do buy significantly less PC games on day one now simply because the RRP is too high for most of them and there's no way for me to shop around for a cheaper price. The same would happen with consoles. In fact, I may end up buying less games since a lot of what I'm into ends up having low print runs (fomo) and that's obviously not an issue with digital.
  4. I believe that is correct. All three are worth playing but Shadowrun: Dragonfall - DC in particular is one of the best RPGs period. It's a masterpiece.
  5. I'm playing through the C&C Remastered Collection which is fucking amazing. They did an incredible job remastering the original C&C and Red Alert. I'm almost done with the GDI missions on the first game. Then its on to the NOD campaign.
  6. Cepp


    You can tell the digital only version was the primary design. Even if its ugly its at least symmetrical. The disc based version looks like they just slapped a blu-ray drive on it and called it a day.
  7. Cepp


    Show was a letdown and the console looks ugly. I'm not feeling that design at all.
  8. Cepp

    RPG Thread

    Playing through PSO2 now. Just jumping on and doing the daily quests mostly with a bit of story here and there. It's addictive and fun. Probably not the kind of game people with gambling issus should play though.
  9. Purchased RC Pro AM from Kdiggz. Everything was packaged well and it arrived safe and sound
  10. Cepp

    RPG Thread

    I'm till playing PSO. Beat Episode I just like I have so many times before and I'm making my way through Episode II. I have to say, the medic bay is much better positioned here but some of the new areas leave a lot to be desired, the Seabed area in particular. Still, it's fun to experience a new part of PSO so I can't complain too much.
  11. Tactics for sure. Or Alundra as LostLevel83 mentioned.
  12. Everything was well packed and securly shipped. Super helpful and reliable seller. Cheers
  13. Cepp

    RPG Thread

    So I'm considering jumping back into PSO 2 with the western PC release later this month, and felt like finally playing through Episode 2 and 4 from the first game, so I jumped back into PSO: BB via the Ephinea private server. It's been a fantastic experience so far, and really captures the spirit and feeling of the DC games. Servers are packed with players and games, everyone's chill and it's been fun to jump back in.
  14. Cepp

    RPG Thread

    Already done My advice is don't level anyone up until everyone has 400EXP (you level up by speaking with Lord British) and explore the nearest dungeon to the north east of the castle to get the Mark of Kings. Give ranged weapons to everyone that can use them and increase your mages INT stat and your Cleric's WIS stat as soon as you can to learn stronger spells. Increasing stats requires a lot of gold and the easiest/quickest way to do that imo, is to keep creating new characters who all start with 100g each and just siphon that that money from them to your main party. When your cleric has 40MP she learns the Surface spell which really helps when you're 6 floors deep in a dungeon with no health or food.
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