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  1. That exact issue happened to me as well! I wonder if it's glitch from the original game or in the emulation?
  2. I've adjusted to the controls now but it took some effort and its certainly not ideal. Half an hour with Galaxy the other night and the jump IN quality was immediately noticeable. I dont think they'll patch in better controls tbh, considering Sunshine doesn't even support the GC controller.
  3. Currently at 61 Shines on Sunshine. IIRC it's 70 to beat the game? Can't see myself going for 100% anytime soon simply due to how frustrating it is at points. Yoshi's Fruit Adventure, the watermelon level, that pachinko machine... I have come to enjoy it again somewhat, but it was a lot better in my memory lmao.
  4. I've been playing Sunshine and its been a little difficult to go back to tbh. The camera/FLUDD controls are unintutive and the 3D platforming is frustrating at points. I'm still getting some enjoyment out of it, but it might have been best left in my memories. I'm sure I'll have a much better time with Galaxy.
  5. Love this game and have gone back to replay it many times over the years. It's still great even now.
  6. UK folk should keep an eye on Argos. They've been selling off their old inventory for the past few months. I've got some really good deals from them as a result (Bravely Second for £1.99 and such).
  7. Another run that will run out in ten minutes more like. I managed to snag one but I'd be pretty pissed if I was one of those people that missed out due to the shipping calculator glitch.
  8. That's how I got my copy of Infintie Space I'm all for reprints personally, even if it can bite you in the arse at time.
  9. Everything's more expensive for sure, it's pushed me to finally list some games I've been meaning to sell and I've done pretty well out of it As a buyer it sucks. I just remind myself of that huge backlog I have.
  10. Anything older than 10 years old is retro in my book. That's how it was when I first started talking about them on forums in the early 2000s, and I've pretty much just stuck with it. So the SNES was retro in 2000 and the PS3 is retro now. The only thing that's changed is my perception of time. In 2000 I was 16 and ten years was a lifetime ago, but today at 35 it passes in the blink of an eye.
  11. PAL prices for these games are crazy as well. The only one I need is Soul Hackers which I purchased digitally on sale ealier this year and loved. I'll have to hold out hope for a more reasonably priced copy to surface or dig deeper than I'd like.
  12. The original Tomb Raider, currently at Palace Midas and a little stuck, but it's late and I'm tired. I'll come back to it tomorrow with a fresh pair of eyes. It's been very chill, exploring each area and figuring out the puzzels. Little more combat heavy than I remember but at least you're just raiding tombs.
  13. PCEM is a great way to experience DOS and Windows 9x from a gaming point of view. It works extremely well. I have a few vintage setups from the XT era to the 2000s. My main rig has been a Socket A setup for a while now but I just recently picked up a Slot 1 based MATX board with an onboard Voodoo 3 I'm itching to test out. Space is an issue, I had a spare room set up for gaming until a friend was made homeless recently. I'm letting him stay for a while and have it all in storage atm.
  14. Just the stuff I like and even that takes up too much room
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