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  1. The real original Metal Gear was absolutely a stealth game.
  2. I'll post some pics later. But everything I have that's NEC is imported PC Engine stuff.
  3. I just saw someone on Facebook brag about getting 3D Dot Game Heroes for $40 which I thought was silly for a $12 game. Then I looked up the going rate for that game today. Shit.
  4. It's actually really easy. Just skip. I've played through the games more times than I can count, and I've never watched any cut scene more than once.
  5. As the years have gone by, I've grown to enjoy the story less and less and sure, if you try to piece everything together from all of the games, it becomes a huge mess. But I've said it before and I will say it now: if you hate the story, or even ignore it completely, the gameplay stands on its own and it's still an amazing game. My opinion of the storyline has little to no bearing on my overall impression of these games. I'm still comfortable rating them highly.
  6. If you can find a working system and, much more importantly working controllers, this is a fun console. People like to shit on the joy stick, but it actually feels fine with most games (again assuming that is functions). I have the model shown at the top of the picture with 4 controller ports and the huge empty space for controller storage. It makes my original Xbox look tiny in comparison. I also have the track ball controller which is nearly as big as the console itself. Many games are a lot of fun and look great for the time period. It's a shame that Atari handled it so poorly. I rec
  7. It definitely lasted longer last time, but there were almost certainly much more available then. It seems that the availability today was from leftover units from the last production run, so much smaller numbers. At least those were limited to 1 per person.
  8. I would guess the first more so than the second. For whatever reason, the announcement of the Pocket seems to really put them on the map and when those pre-orders sold out so fast, I think people started to go back and want their previous consoles. The Mega SG was available for a really long time after it was initially released, then suddenly the rest of them sold quick. I think a lot of people started to realized how good Analogue's quality is compared to your cheaper clone systems. Throw in the fear of missing out on something that's limited and people go nuts.
  9. Uh oh. We are about to derail into ANOTHER bag of milk thread.
  10. I actually own an Odyssey 1 since I found one once for $20. It's neat, but I don't really recommend it to anyone. Funny story is that my Dad had an old box for an original Odyssey from before I was born, but he didn't have the console. He gave it to me years ago and I just kept it in my basement. When I found the matching console randomly at a game store, I had to buy it because it went with my empty box.
  11. The voices were rerecorded for the Twin Snakes because the higher quality audio on the GC picked up some noise from the original recordings that you couldn't hear on the PS1 version. They brought back all of the original actors to play their same roles, with one exception (one actor did two voices in the PS1 version, and he only did one voice in TS). The new audio in TS used the same script as the original. However, in my opinion, the voices in the remake sound rushed as if they wanted to get everyone in one take if possible. Therefore, I rank the voices better in the original than the rem
  12. I don't know if they take Discover or not, but the fist time I ever ordered from them, my credit card declined the purchase because they didn't like the purchase. I had to confirm the purchase with my credit card before it went through. I'm just wondering if that happened instead of them just not taking Discover.
  13. I didn't notice either, but I revised mine as well. I think there is one more quote that needs to be fixed.
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