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  1. 116,450 Participation score I guess. I'm kind of digging the "let's pop this in Saturday night and see what I can do" thing I've got working.
  2. 11,549,260 I got pretty worried when I was down to one life on the final boss, but I got the job done!
  3. 627,800 I’d do better if I actually knew the strats and could do 1-1 halfway decently. Thanks for at-ing me @docile tapeworm!
  4. This is a really great list! It's fun to check back in with you all ... I know I have been, uh, less than present for a while now. I don't think I'll be competing but may throw in some scores for funsies, especially the Famicom entries. I might have to buy the basketball game if shipping isn't stupid expensive.
  5. Finally following the thread so I can see everyone's accomplishments!
  6. This is way, way, way (way) late, but my SS was @Deadeyeand he did awesome! I’m really happy with my gift. First pic is what I opened on Christmas morning. I was real pleased with everything, and then last week another package shows up! I am very happy with everything. Thanks so much! EDIT: Shout out to my iPhone for flipping the picture
  7. I beat Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I picked up the speedrun of this game last year. Finished it tonight in 23:00, which really isn't that great for me but not too bad.
  8. Congrats everyone on finishing this! I haven't been all that active here lately but I have been watching from afar and I'm glad to see it come together near the finish line. I'll still be good for 5-10 clears next year as well, whatever I happen to be playing. I'm right in the middle of playing Ultima: Exodus right now, which I understand doesn't help for next year's list and probably keeps me from submitting all that many clears since most of the library gets done early in the year. But nevertheless I'll still be around!
  9. Hey everyone, remember me? Somehow I had a tournament spot too but I declined. Consider yourselves lucky, I guess. Hope everyone has a good time. Good luck!
  10. I just adjusted my list from last year. All good, I'm in!
  11. Hey everyone! I have not been by near as much lately. I would love to do this but it's not looking good for me to get a list in on time.
  12. Maybe you forgot because you are obviously an expert at this game. The late game makes it so that any death sets you way back. The game wouldn't nearly be as hard otherwise.
  13. 301,063 Couldn’t really get anything going other than this.
  14. I did a fun run this morning and got 95,830 in 5-1. Pretty good for no derust!
  15. I heard my name! I’m not sure if I’ll have time today to get a play in, but if I do I’ll post it. Will be a one-and-done situation. I expect that I will do pretty decent even rusty. I still have my notes from when I beat it
  16. Doing Bill & Ted blind is rough because you are almost finding specific pixels where hidden items are that you may or may not need. If you use maps or a guide, then it's not so bad, just tedious. I've still been monitoring the thread and I'm excited at the prospect of finishing off the year pretty soon! I don't see myself contributing any more though. I think there's 5 or 6 games left that I've already done but either it would take me too long to get back up to speed or I just don't feel like playing them (like digging up the Power Pad stuff, for instance). I'll keep an eye out he
  17. I bought my copy a couple of years ago and it looks like the price has hardly moved since then, but I did snag it when eBay was doing 20% off coupons for awhile so it was sort of a deal.
  18. 850,216 Nowhere near a major score ... just wanted to show off my Recca cart.
  19. This is pretty much what happened to me. I tried a couple of times Friday night and couldn't even get out of Stage 2, wasn't having any fun at all. It's a weird feeling to not want to play a game I like.
  20. 130,600 Just one attempt! I wasn’t aware of the barrel glitch but I did trigger it once anyway.
  21. I have seen all of the Indiana Jones movies, even the fourth one that everyone seems to want to forget ever happened. I watched them all just once, all in a row, probably 10 years ago or more by now. It was so long ago that I forgot pretty much everything from any of the movies, but not so long ago that I remembered that I enjoyed this one the most. That seems to fall in line with the consensus of the series. This movie had to have been well loved because the NES ended up with two video game adaptations of the movie, both bearing the name of the film. These aren’t just label variants, but
  22. Hey, it’s another milestone post! Finally made it to #150! The milestones on the 50s have been pretty kind to me so far. Let’s recap. Game #50 was Dragon Warrior, which is a very nostalgic game from my childhood and a nice one for that spot on the list. Game #100 was Milon’s Secret Castle. While not the most classic title to remember, it was one I played a lot growing up. Plus, I got to beat the second loop for the first time which was nice. So, I was pretty excited to get to #150, only for it to be Double Dribble. Another basketball game! This is the 5th of 10 basketball games so we
  23. I'm pretty sure that the last time we played this I submitted a score of 100, funny that now that is overdoing it! I think I'm gonna do one attempt sometime this week and submit whatever I get. Will be slightly less practice then the last couple of these!
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