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  1. Boxed AVS with legit Everdrive N8 Pro and 8bitdo Bluetooth adapter. I was using the Switch NES Joycons(not included with this bundle) with the bluetooth adapter, but it should work with any BT enabled controller.I'll throw in a OEM NES Wired controller as a hold over if you don't have a proper BT controller to use.Looking for $320 shipped for the bundle.
  2. Looking to sell or possibly trade, if no price, please inquire. Will be adding prices gradually. Prices do not include shipping. Battle Garegga (Japan/CIB) - $175 Darius Gaiden (USA/CIB) - $100 GameShark Pro (CIB, comes with VHS) - $65 Expansion Pak Ram (CIB, box is nice) - $100 pics N8 Everdrive Pro - $165 pic Check the bottom for my want list. Looking for these, maybe others: PS1 - Persona 1 and 2 PS1 - Castlevania: SOTN and Chronicles Saturn - Magic Knight Rayearth Saturn - Shining Force III Satu
  3. Interested in Astyanax and DW CIBs, would love to see some pics!
  4. I have these available: Looking for, in very good or better condition: Albert Odyssey Sega Ages Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Super Castlevania IV Super Mario RPG Box Only(will consider CIB) I can also check lists.
  5. Thank you for the great deal!
  6. View Listing CIB Nintendo 64 System with 10 CIB Games Open for offer and trades. Lister Lunar Date 07/30/2020 Price Category For Sale/Trade  
  7. Looking for $200. Open to trade or some partial trade. Gone
  8. Updated with photo. Price is firm.
  9. Cosmic Fantasy 2 (Complete In Box/Very Good) - $75
  10. That's right That's correct. This makes both Coregrafx and CDROM units(should you be inclined to get one) very modular.
  11. RGB Modded Interface Unit Bundle with RAD2X HDMI cable, no SCART needed, this is direct to HDMI.RGB Modded Interface Unit w/LidPCE CoreGrafx System w/Matching ControllerAftermarket Power SupplyRAD2X Mini HDMI Cable w/HDMI adapterLooking for $230All it needs is a CDROM2 unit to assemble into the full PCETron unit. Even without it, it functions fully as a RGB enabled Wanted: RetroUSB AVS Chrono Trigger Box (8.5 or better)
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