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  1. If it were not for someone as flamboyant as Billy would anyone have cared about classic gaming scoring or had brought it to the mainstream such as he had done so.
  2. Sunday's haul from the Rietta Ranch Flea weighing in at $215 total. Most of it will be going into the collection especially the nice clean and minty Albert Odysessy. Lunar has the Sega Classics CD in it instead but it shouldn’t be hard to get a loose disc to make it CIB. That Sega CD Ram Cartridge is factory sealed. The first gen tomagachi was a Facebook marketplace find from Friday.
  3. Im voting either for Biden or a 3rd party candidate no matter what we are screwed but still helps to vote someone just slighty less shitty than what we have now.
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/GameCube-Gameboy-Player-Disc-Alternative-Replacement-Nintendo/174335436132?hash=item289733a564:g:yrwAAOSw40ZegW~9
  5. I find hes a nice piece from the G1 line thats pretty sweet you have yours complete. one day I might hunt down the other pieces and or maybe see what 3rd party add-ons or upgrades are out their.
  6. Todays $20 haul from the Londoderry, NH Flea I'm lucky I got these two considering everyone else was scooping up whatever they could.
  7. While setup at a vendor last Sunday at the Rietta Flea Market in Hubbardston, MA I decided to take a quick walk and scooped this up for the collection for $100 :)
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8A0-XrWy_M
  9. The problem is people are just ignorant and oblivious to what is going on. I love going into a gas station in NH where a sign is posted please wear a facial covering before coming and I walk in and barely no one has a mask on.
  10. -Haven't posted my haul's in ages so here are my last two from the past two days!!!- I decided on Monday to head to GameStop to get that Farming sim since it was so cheap to add to the collection and saw a game by Spike Chinsoft AI: The Somnium Files was on clearance. I didn’t even know about the game and for a LE I couldn’t pass it up at that price to add to the collection. To make this pickup even sweeter I used my $5 off coupon for the month and also the employee ringing up me found in the system I had a $5 deposit back from 2015 for some Amiibo I was going to preorder lol.
  11. Found this under the comments section of Darius Truxton's last video. "The Winged Avenger3 hours ago Off topic, but you'll find this interview interesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYa4Smbw_TE This doctor says there is no coronavirus: people are actually getting sick and dying of 5G radiation, which causes oxygen deprivation. They want to give everyone a "vaccine" that protects them from 5G, so they can use it freely all over the country." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYa4Smbw_TE
  12. I watched it and found it to be a total boring snooze fest. I was expecting more of how a retro store is run and how items are priced and what not. This documentary was not what I had expected.
  13. It's cheaper just to get a real NES and a old CRT Tube TV.
  14. I still see idiots at the flea in MA I set up at not wearing masks. Most of the more intelligent variety actually wear a mask and practice social distancing. I make sure to Lysol wipe everything down and or also use a Lysol aerosol spray on items. I got my mask, gloves plus liquid and gel hand sanitizer. I honestly feel like making a sign that says no mask get the f away from my booth.
  15. Darius Truxton thinks covid-19 is just the common cold and mask's don't do anything.
  16. Ignorance is bliss and this is the King of it all https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6Uv1ogfaBGo
  17. After going to the NH flea's Sat and Sun I expect cases to increase. I love how me and only a very few wore masks or understood what social distancing means.
  18. Being away from Walmart and a Walmart in NH I forgot how unruly the two can be like peanut butter and chocolate. Its been a long time you forget :P
  19. I went to walmart last night have not been there since the whole lockdown started and you wouldn't believe how many people are not wearing a mask. This is up in NH mind you after last night I do not wish to step back in to a walmart.
  20. People in NH are rearing up for a soft opening and keep telling others to stay home in your safe zone.
  21. I think a good majority of people blew it off because of last past experiences with the swine flu, sars and related illnesses. I think another red flag that was when the Chinese were buying up any anything related to masks and facial coverings. We live and we live but we had learned the hard way and paid the price for it.
  22. MA has passed an executive order for Mask wearing per order of Governor Baker. I'm glad this was passed it could cause a less potential transmission of covid-19 since numbskulls don't seem to under proper social distancing and or wearing a mask.
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