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  1. Part 3 and 4 Posted! Still working on the final part....
  2. Thank you for the kind words of encouragement! I posted Part 2 of JCAKU. Here it is....all the best!
  3. Another video is complete! A Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu Mini-Series. Feel free to check it out. Thanks and take care!
  4. Hi All, I decided to delve into a new hobby during the pandemic and fiddle with some video editing. Meanwhile, I figured why not put together some gaming-related videos here and there? The latest one can be viewed below. Here's to staying healthy and busy during this tough time. Take care and be safe!
  5. Big thank you to darkchylde28 for sending these additions to my collection!
  6. Sorry to my Secret Santa, but I’m out of town and will be replying to the thread as soon as I can!
  7. Possibly Gau from Final Fantasy III
  8. Happy thanksgiving! Spending it at the in-laws in Phoenix.
  9. I think I'm missing something because nintendoage.com doesn't redirect to gocollect.
  10. Transaction # 1 Seller: @TBD Buyer: @bluzebrother11 Summary: TBD Transaction Status: TBD Transaction Total # 0 Positive Neutral Negative 0 0 0
  11. Shipping $3 per item, $5 for two or more items. Images available upon request. Open to negotiation. Thanks for looking! NES: Bases Loaded (C): $2.50 Dragon Warrior (C): $4 SNES: Famicom: N64: Funtastic Ice Blue Console w/AC Adapter $125 (+shipping depending on your zip code) Kobe Bryant NBA Courtside (C): $3 GBA: Gamecube: Atari 2600: PS1: World Cup Golf (complete): $1 Fox Sports Golf (no manual): $1 NBA Jam Extreme (no manual): $4 VR Baseball 99 (no manua
  12. I take it secret santa is on hiatus until the kinks get worked out with buy/sell/trade?
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