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  1. I mean the real RPGs. The JRPG's of course! Not the cRPGs or crap RPGs! Nor the wRPGs or wuss RPGs! I'm kidding of course...
  2. While we're back on this subject, we sadly lost a few days ago Michael Collins, the Command Module Pilot of Apollo 11 (first moon landing) That only leaves Buzz as the last survivor of that trio. I hope he at least lives to see us go back to the moon...though obviously his big dream all along is to see us to venture far and take a trip to Mars! And this full length version of the Star Trek Enterprise theme ROCKS I may have not gotten to seen the 60s Golden Age of Space Exploration but I sure hope with this new Space Race (NASA vs SpaceX) both sides will
  3. Those NES was the neatest perk EVER in the original Animal Crossing...and yet nothing like that has shown up in AC since. I mean what is there in the later AC's that you can get that cannot also be gotten in the original GC version?
  4. Remember in the olden days you could much more easily know how fast a computer is by its MHz/GHz? Ever since that whole multi-cores thing it has become, much much more complicated. Sorta like how it used to be based on "bits" but apparently even now they don't bother with anything past 64 bits hardly anymore? I think the Dreamcast and PS2 were 128 bits though? BTW, would you believe that the first 16 bit console was technically the Intellivision?? Imagine how their commercials could've went: INTELLIVISION DONES. 16-bit arcade graphics! You can't do this on Atari! INTELLIVI
  5. Or maybe your favorite isn't a Turtle at all? For the movie my favorite is obviously Casey Jones
  6. Just goes to show Ice wasn't a "one hit wonder", he was a TWO hit wonder! And I do in fact remember seeing the first movie in the theater and noticing someone else's mom pointing out the first appearance of Shredder to her son. I sure was lucky to have been born at the right time in this case! And especially for video game history! I can't believe it's already been 30 years. And now we're fast approaching the 30th anniversary of the debut of Sonic the Hedgehog and later the SUPER Nintendo!!
  7. There's no such thing as "good crack". Remember, it's not just wrong, it could be dead wrong.
  8. Just "good"? I thought the SNES was the Golden Age of RPGs? And I do in fact agree that I'm much more impressed with what they was able to get out of the NES and have it be able to do things that weren't even imagined. Remember how from the very start Shiggy wanted Mario to ride a dinosaur but didn't think it could be done on the NES? Well in 1993 (Mario is Missing and that homebrew Super Mario World NES port), he got his wish! I mean the NES had what, 5-6 of those MMC "helper chips"? True the SNES had some too (most notably the famous FX and Capcom's C4 for MegaMan X2/X3) but they di
  9. Well now wait a minute, they're on much more powerful systems and they by then have several years experience working with those franchises, that isn't really a fair fight.
  10. I was totally like this myself as I already mentioned earlier in this thread and I wasn't the only one apparently! I for one am not surprised at all, I mean how could anyone resist such adorable creatures?
  11. Why did they insist on incorrectly making ProtoMan a villian? What did they just see the intro to MegaMan 5 and didn't bother seeing, as Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story?
  12. That looks more like Bubble Man than MegaMan! And since when was he the GREEN Bomber? Bad enough that the GBA makes him the PINK Bomber when playing the GB MegaMen on it
  13. Almost every way. I'm tired of these clunky 8-bit games I need to find a system that's true 16 bit I need to get one pretty quick Hey mister, what'cha got out on that shelf you can sell me right away Maybe a console that does what Nintendon't The kind that makes you think you brought the arcades home Color palette don't matter, no I don't need no Mode 7 All that really concerns me is: Speeeeeed, and how fast can it go Can it get me over da loops quickly Blast processing can it outrun that fat plumber Yeah what I really need, i
  14. This year is the GBA's 20th anniversary, is that old skool enough for ya?
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