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  1. The shipping cost for single carts (or even seven) is much less than I had expected, and not far off from what USPS charges domestically. If you're interested, shoot me a PM and I can send you pictures of Guardian Legend.
  2. All games are NTSC, complete in box with manual, sleeve, styrofoam and a clear protective box. All of them are in very good shape, if you're interested in a game I can send you detailed pictures. Originals: - Mega Man 2 $110 - Mega Man 3 $90 - Batman $55 - Double Dragon II The revenge $55 - Little Nemo the dream master $60 - Shadowgate $55 comes with hint book SOLD - Legend of Zelda SOLD - Guardian Legend SOLD - Castlevania III Dracula's curse SOLD - Shadow of the ninja SOLD - Contra SOLD - Super C SOLD - Castlevania SOLD - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III The Manhattan project SOLD - Bionic Commando SOLD - Super Mario Bros. 3 SOLD - Ninja Gaiden SOLD - Ninja Gaiden 2 SOLD Reproduction: Little Samson (this is a high quality repro, not a janky one with a battery soldered in. Pretty sure I got it from Nintendo Age). SOLD Having ordered postage for a few sales, shipping is actually far more in line with USPS prices domestically because these games weigh so little so even sending single games is doable. I know my username is brand new, but I used to buy a fair amount of games on the old Nintendo Age forum. I only just found out that got shut down.
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