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  1. Would you like an unreasonable amount of money for it?
  2. I was actually on track to start touring the Nintendo Power Art Collection via pop-up exhibits this year...and then things happened. Pretty frustrated to be so close to my end goal only to be shut down by fucking nature.
  3. Yep! Also the one that looks like general grievous
  4. I dont know what the fuck this is. But its my new favorite thing.
  5. This thread is really really really out of date. So I thought I'd toss some new stuff in!
  6. OMG @DefaultGen We finally know who the Retro Gem Miner's muse is! I have never been so happy with my decision to join a thread in my fucking life.
  7. This thread is so good that im posting in it.
  8. @acidjaguar the reason I want it is that the stepson of the artist has the original art, and wants to be able to frame them together.
  9. Hey peeps! Are NWC finds still thread worthy? Well, if they are... may I introduce you to a copy you haven't seen before! #0341! Like my first copy, this was obtained from a former employee who staffed the event. Not much more to the story I'm willing to share other than that
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