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  1. I'm intending on having an in-game level editor for Mode 7 levels, but also those levels are just stored as Tiled maps PC-side, so they're easy to edit.
  2. Yeah it's pretty blatant haha. I'm intending on having a regular top-down view available for it too, for people who prefer that.
  3. I've done a whole lot more work on the Mode 7 levels and I've implemented a lot of the mechanics I'll be needing including block pushing, an inventory, keys/locks and footwear, a free camera mode to compensate for the low screen resolution, I've attached the demo that will appear in SAGE 2020 ahead of time so you can go ahead and try it out if you want. It's a bit more presentable than previous builds I've shared, and there's some actual content to try. On the overworld map, there are three levels from Nova 1 (first row, on the right), three puzzle levels (first row, on the left). On t
  4. NovaSquirrel

    Nova the Squirrel

    Nova the Squirrel is an NES platformer game with copying abilities and puzzles, and takes inspiration from a variety of games including Hannah and the Pirate Caves, Chip's Challenge, Donkey Kong for Game Boy, and other games. It has 33 levels and 7 boss fights.
  5. This game will be available as a ROM when it's done, pay-what-you-want (including free). For me, I grew up with an NES and SNES and I only really experienced the Genesis through the Sonic 3 & Knuckles port for Windows, so for me that's the console I've been trying to look into more lately. So the inspirations here are primarily games like Super Mario World, Kirby Super Star, Yoshi's Island and things like that. I definitely wanna get more experiences though and have more to draw from. And yeah, the fact that many people are going to be playing on emulators, FPGA consoles, and LCD
  6. To try to make everything more colorful I added some new flowers that have their own palette. I also animate grass when it's stepped on, a little bit. Arrows, crates, and boulders from the previous game are in, originally inspired by similar mechanics in Hannah and the Pirate Caves. Here's a mockup of a crystal cave world, with bits from Great Cave Offsensive as well as Cave Story. I'll add a pretty background later.
  7. I've got parallax scrolling with HDMA. Also experimented with a second foreground layer so I can get levels like Super Mario World has. (And here's a clip of an earlier test which was horizontal and was controlled with the L and R buttons) I tried using color math to do a translucency effect with addition - it looked better than averaging the layers together but not sure it's really convincing as colored glass. Maybe colored plastic, I guess.
  8. Figured I'd show off some gifs/videos! Some gameplay of me going really fast Locks and keys are implemented, using card suits instead of only relying on color, to be more color-blind friendly. An inventory system with icons and item swapping! A Lakitu-like enemy that abuses the same sprite/background priority quirk the NES has There's pushable blocks that I can use in puzzles, and special versions that clone themselves upward and downward, and there's fun to be had with a no-gravity push block alongside something like the burger ability.
  9. Yeah the SNES is my favorite retro console, and Nova is supposed to be a 90s animal mascot platformer character, so I think she should have a proper 16-bit game. I started Nova the Squirrel 2 since I started a job last year and quickly realized that I needed a longterm passion project I could do alongside it to have something to look forward to after work and keep me sane. Also Mesen-S coming out was a big factor!
  10. I've been putting in cool copy abilities like a remote controlled rocket and a fishing rod There's a cute scrolling background on the inventory and dialog screens. There's a portrait in the corner of Mode 7 levels now, since you otherwise only see Maffi's back side. I have most of a dialog engine implemented! I can have any number of arbitrary 2bpp images as the background, put level blocks and text on top of it, and then place NPCs (who are automatically converted made into 8x8 tiles from a PNG, skipping empty tiles). This dialog screen is actually the first
  11. Absolutely can stick that as a pun somewhere, but I think it's very important to name games something where it's likely to pull up the game if you Google the name. I'm looking to SMW a lot for inspiration on a lot of things, including a lot of engine design. I'm trying to make it feel very non-Mario where I can though.
  12. I posted about this on NintendoAge and Nesdev, but I've been working on a SNES platformer game that acts as a sequel to my NES one. It's gonna do a bunch of stuff I wanted to do on the original game but couldn't due to NES limitations, and it's also just going to be more ambitious and better in general, with a heavy (optional?) focus on story. It's open source like the previous game (and like all of my games really), and I'm hoping that that helps convince other people that the SNES isn't very scary after all, and to give it a try. I've certainly had a lot of fun programming it. I've atta
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