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  1. It’s a weird thing to profess a love for video games and video game collecting and still root for the failure of a fellow collector. Sorry you never got asked to the dance.
  2. Gotcha. Yeah I don’t think the seal is what’s rare. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always amazing when a 25 yr old artifact not meant to be collected remains in a retail condition. In the case of SM64, it was the conditional rarity (9.8 A++) that made it so rare and special. That 9.6 is cool too. Not as cool depending on how some collect graded games. For me personally, mint copies are like little time travel machines.
  3. Are you of the opinion that graded SM64s are rare? Or are you saying high graded ones aren’t rare? None of those links showed a 9.8 A++, which is incredibly rare. What am I missing here?
  4. Shareholders do not receive compensation. A publicly traded company can choose to pay dividends, this is not the case here. Only after the sale of the company, will the investor be rewarded financially. If the company doesn't sell and goes under, then the money spent on the investment disappears too.
  5. This has already been debunked. Here is a statement from Mark Haspel himself. Certification has transformed vintage video game collecting considerably in the last 3.5 years. Discussions regarding video game certification, its purpose and future are to be expected. Transparent dialogue is necessary and healthy for all participants in the video game collecting space. As part of this public discourse some concerns have been raised regarding my involvement with Wata and the video game hobby. I would like to take this opportunity to clarify my role as it relates to Wata. I have never been an employee of Wata. I have never been a board member or officer of Wata. I was a passive investor in Wata. Like other passive investors in the company, I never had any oversight role or made any management decisions for Wata. I have never been involved in the day to day operations at Wata. I was listed in the Wata SEC filings as was required because of my investment in the company. I no longer have any equity in the company because of the sale to Collector’s Universe in July 2021. I am featured on Wata’s website to help market video game certification to collectors, investors and dealers in other collecting fields. I attended various conventions with Wata in order to help cross promote video game collecting to collectors from other collectable spaces. I provided feedback to Wata when it designed its original holder and label. I also provided my opinion to Wata before its launch on how components of CIBs should be categorized and dealt with. I briefly visited the Wata offices 2 times since its launch in April 2018. The last time I was there was in July 2019. I live in Florida. Wata is located in Denver, CO. I have never graded any of my own games or any other video games submitted to Wata. Apart from Deniz Kahn and Kenneth Thrower, I have not spoken with, nor have I ever met, any of the other graders at Wata. Wata’s integrity is important to me and I have never asked for or received any preferential grading. At no point did I have access to information from Wata that the general public does not. I have no access to Wata’s computer system or database, and I have never had access to any private information about submissions, submitters, financials or population reports. Additionally, I have never requested or received such information from Wata. I submit games to Wata the same way any other customer or collector submits games. I do buy and sell vintage video games openly. I have been doing this in plain sight with nothing to hide. My return address has my name on every package I ship. I often reach out to other collectors, including providing my personal contact information, in order to build relationships in the hobby. I am proud to have been part of Wata’s first steps. I am confident that the resources and opportunities made available to Wata under the new ownership will ensure its future success. I am also excited to see CGC enter the video game certification market. Healthy competition makes companies better and serves collectors well. Mark Haspel
  6. I actually have a similar copy @greennamek@Jim Jimmer. Mine was also acquired at Nintendo. Can confirm 100%. I'm glad you posted here, because I've been curious as well to how WATA would grade it. The one I own is in brilliant condition. Welcome to our little First Party Resealed Club!
  7. View Advert DK Jamz CD I'm looking to purchase or trade for a new/sealed copy of DK Jamz. I'm specifically looking for the jewel case edition, though I will consider the maxi single variety as well. Advertiser Ricky Winterborn Date 09/02/2021 Price Category WTB  
  8. Ricky Winterborn

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    I'm looking to purchase or trade for a new/sealed copy of DK Jamz. I'm specifically looking for the jewel case edition, though I will consider the maxi single variety as well.


  9. Maybe I inferred a bit more than you said. It’s late here. . It seems like I’ve been reading the same stuff over and over here and it just doesn’t connect with me the way it has with others. It’s just textbook capitalism, and not unique to WATA. Btw, that same system can really benefit a lot of folks selling right now. Anyhow, if I misrepresented you, I apologize.
  10. Absolutely you are. I just think it’s a little disingenuous to make like this phenomenon is new or unique to WATA or graded video games when it’s not.
  11. Welcome to Capitalism. Jesus. Name any product that doesn’t start with a couple early adopter/influencers followed by the mobs of cash paying/neck-breaking consumers. Rolex, Tiffany, Air Jordans, Gucci. Take your pick. Having people ravenous for a product is not some great evil because at the end of the day, people vote with their wallets. If they get tired of immaculate sealed games and Nike’s made in sweatshops, no amount of influence will change that.
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