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  1. I know you guys have an extra laying around Looking for the 1st party one that has the Wii Logo on the front. (Like the one in picture) Thanks!
  2. @archon1981 found NWC 341 and a bunch of other cool stuff.
  3. You just beat me on this. I'm watching that episode right now and thought of this thread.
  4. Gamecube is a great set to go after, I think you finished just in time as prices have been crazy lately.
  5. I noticed that as well, wonder whats going on there?
  6. Exactly. This guys display is great and was a direct inspiration on my NES shelves. Everyone should give him a follow on instagram.
  7. Here's what I have going on with my current NES collection. Each shelf has it's own lighting, which gives everything a nice look.
  8. I'm glad you like them. Those were a fun project. I still have a few pics of the building process:
  9. Thanks, entered in. 1 out of 10,000 chance, but worth a try.
  10. No luck today, but my buddy won the taco bell gold PS4 a few years back. So there is hope.
  11. If anyone has a questions on McD collecting, I was pretty active in it from around 1993 to 2000. I still have most of my stuff, although I'm hoping to sell most of it over the course of the next year or two. There's some good books on McD collecting pre-2000. There's not much information post-2000. These all go into the happy meal toys, boxes, promotion items, ect. As well as the general McD merchandise from the 1950s and onward. Here's the current state of my collection... taking up my shed.
  12. Amazing set up with the cabinet. The red CRT really completes it. Like walking into a KB's in the 90's.
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