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  1. nice. the black box collection looks awesome.
  2. He said China, but I don't have many details beyond that. To your point, I'd be interested to know specifically where.
  3. did we do a Mega Man set trade for it? if so, yes! good to hear from you.
  4. yeah the protos weren't cheap when I was buying them 5 years ago. even crazier now.
  5. thank you! It's a constant work-in-progress
  6. Thanks! Good idea - I’ll record and post something soon. It’ll be interesting to hear about what you recognize from the final game.
  7. Thanks! yeah definitely plan to keep building. I'd like the full licensed and unlicensed NES collection eventually. Fortunately I have both C3 and Super C - agree they are awesome and just recently did a play-though of C3 with my 9 y/o son. After 35 years of playing it, I finally beat the original Castlevania recently, and my son is actually able to beat it in about 15minutes. I try to at least play all the games I've bought, but time doesn't often allow. Beating them all does sound great -- retirement goals
  8. Hi All - I just joined VGS after a long hiatus once NA ended (same username on NA), although I continued collecting. If you ever saw that NA thread on the CIB Miracle Piano being shipped to me completely covered in packing tape (the original box used as shipping box), that was me. I just posted a thread on my current collection if you're interested: My NES Collection - Hello from Virginia! - Show Off - Video Game Sage Looking forward to being part of the conversation here!
  9. Hi All - having finally joined VGS after NintendoAge's end I wanted to post some pics of my NES collection. I've about 375 licensed/unlicensed NES games, prototypes, and CIB peripherals (also added a few arcades to the game room): CIB Wisdom Tree set (just missing Sunday Funday) CIB Color Dreams Protoypes and a few other oddities. For prototypes, I have Frankenstein, Wally Bear & No Gang, Chessmaster, Moon Ranger, and Hunt for Red October. All are development and have significant differences from final. Frankenstein: A+B on 2nd controller allows you to advance through the levels Wally Bear: early version where you play through the entire game without enemies present. You can also enter houses, showing the developer was at least at one point considering an expanded game. Hunt for Red October: very early version where you go through one underwater level and face 3 giant octopuses at the end. The enemy ships appear as swastikas (at least I think they are) on the radar. My guess is this is a WW2 combat reference. Uforce Test Cartridge: this came from Alan Weiss, who was involved with the UForce development (and also produced 'Deadly Towers'). He said they used these at the factory in China where the UForces were built as a way to test the systems. It's really interesting to see how everything reacts when you use the different parts of the UForce. I'll post a video sometime in the future. Any questions/feedback welcome! Looking forward to being a part of VGS
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