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  1. Don’t really know what you mean by that. There’s plenty of members here from Nintendoage and that was a great place to find stuff.
  2. Can you send me some pictures? If it’s clean I think that could be workable.
  3. I’m gonna get a Stadium Events. Had a seller back out a the last minute a few months back...But 2021! I’m gonna get it. Anyone here who see this and is contemplating selling theirs shoot me a message
  4. Who is this anyway? I get intermittent emails from them saying we did business before. They had a couple good items but trying to make a deal, or even communicate effectively, was just not possible.
  5. Saw this pop up on a FB group. Figured you could reach out. He says it was untracked. Hope it helps.
  6. Thanks! It took me almost two years haha Shoulda just grabbed one on NA a few years back. Had plenty of chances. Now to get a SE
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