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Baubles and Charms

  1. Music Cart Collection

    Awarded for music cart collections of 10 or more music carts.  Music carts can be from any system, sign up at the designated thread!

  2. Chip Tune Artist

    Awarded to a Chip Tune Artist that has released a physical homebrew game

  3. Publisher

    Awarded to a Publisher that has released a physical homebrew game

  4. Brew Crew

    Awarded to a Brew Crew member that has assisted on a physical homebrew game.  Member can be a beta-tester, parts supplier, or production art and support.

  5. Subscriber Level 1

    This user supports VGS with $5 each month!

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  6. Game Night Participant (5+)

    This user has participated in at least 5 official VGS Game Nights!

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