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  1. I'd say Ocarina of Time is a way better first playthrough, but is unsatisfying to replay. Mario 64 on the other hand is a rough first playthrough, but is way more fun to replay as you improve and get fancier every time. I think Mario 64 is the better game overall, but I'll also say it's the oldest and worst 3D Mario game. Every single 3D Mario improves on what Mario 64 did, making the game more and more of a relic as time goes on. That being said, the Mario series does keep looking back to the winning elements of Mario 64 for advice, where the modern Zelda games have been distancing themselves from Ocarina of Time, and looking back to earlier games in the series for advice. I feel that alone shows how much better Mario 64 is than Ocarina of Time.
  2. Aren't sports games though? I don't think e-sports players ever claimed they're athletes, but they are playing a game at tournament levels.
  3. I don't know if this is really an unpopular opinion since I tend to get a mix of agreements and disagreements, but I feel Kirby is a series with no identity or purpose since Kirby 64 acted as a series finale. There have certainly been fun Kirby games since Kirby 64, but with no main villain connecting the games together even slightly, and no game specific characters from older games ever showing up again outside of cameos, every Kirby game feels like a really isolated and meaningless experience. Ever since the Dark Matter arc, Kirby hasn't really had what people could consider a "main series", as nothing has ever taken its place to be what the series is about. While games like Kirby and the Amazing Mirror and Planet Robobot are considered part of the main series, what exactly makes them a part of it is hard to determine. Longtime Kirby fans have been critical of the series since Squeak Squad set the template for the four Return to Dream Land games, but there's still a good amount of arguing from people who don't see what's wrong. The fact that it took until Kirby Star Allies to bring back most (but not all) of the features introduced in Kirby Super Star is telling of how much Kirby is staggering itself to "innovate" back to what it was 25 years ago.
  4. This popped up at the game store today! It's one of the last Wii U big boxes I was planning to get! I don't want to hear any wisecracks, I bought this because I love Nintendo. I'm really happy I was able to find this before I move in a couple weeks, as the cheap game store will be much farther away from me once I move. I won't get a chance to play it until I set up in the new place, since there are boxes everywhere, and no room to set up a Wii Fit. The only other Wii U big box I want is Skylanders Swap Force, and then I'll take a nice group photo of them.
  5. Nothing fancy, but I enjoyed Star Fox Zero so much that it made me want to get caught up on all of my favourite game series. I don't have a Wii/Game Cube at the moment, but next week I'll get one and play through this. $70.00 is a pretty standard Canadian price for this game if you factor in shipping, so I guess it could have been worse. When you consider how Game Cube games have been lately, "I guess I should be thankful" that the two games I need to buy for it are Star Fox games. It's a small perk of enjoying a series that's long lost its relevance.
  6. That's extremely true of the one in Mario 3D World. I actually got most of the way through Champion's Path, but dying in the second last section and starting it all over every time was too annoying. If it had even a single checkpoint, it would be challenging standard stage. You nailed it on the head perfectly.
  7. I mentioned it in the standard backlog thread, but I've now finished Super Mario 3D World. There shouldn't be a lot of overlap between the two threads, as there's only two other games on my backlog list that conflict with this list. Once I have some gaming money though, I'm going to start picking up the games in these series to work more on this project. This thread isn't dead just yet! There's still plenty of room for people to join in on the fun!
  8. I liked the one in the original Mario Galaxy the best, where when you beat 120 stars with Mario AND Luigi, you get a bonus level where you go back to the star festival and essentially take a little victory lap around the castle town and courtyard. It's a lovely little ending. I'd rather have more of that than the brutal final levels. After I beat The Perfect Run in Mario Galaxy 2, I kind of never wanted to do another level like it. Pokemon has been suffering from this for a long time. Why so many Pokemon fans defend the Battle Frontier in Emerald as something worthwhile I'll never understand.
  9. No thanks Nintendo, I have more of a life than you think I do.
  10. I finished Super Mario 3D World! I don't have a photo to show, but I beat the game, got all the way to World Crown in the post game, and then decided I was REALLY sick of it and didn't actually care enough to beat Champion's Path. I did beat Mystery House Marathon though, which was horrendous! Overall I liked the main game a lot, but the post game content sucked. I'll certainly play through the main story again some day.
  11. I asked and got the okay to do so. Like I said, I no longer even own two of the games that were on the list, and to be fair I replaced them both with much longer games.
  12. I had to update my list slightly, as I sold my copies of New Super Mario Bros. U and Mighty No. 9. (They weren't very good games) I've replaced them with Metroid Other M, and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. As for the other games on my list, I'm making good progress in Mario 3D World, Sonic Lost World, and Kirby and the Rainbow World Curse. All of them have been great fun, and have made the Wii U a worthwhile purchase. I'm in world 5 of Mario, world 3 of Sonic, (all red coins and S ranks) and world 2 of Kirby.
  13. I went Dreamcast, Saturn, Sega CD. I think all three systems are cool novelties, but none of them really stand out as something special. As far as 90s video game system flops go though, Sega easily had the best ones with the best games.
  14. Edit: There used to be a huge post I wrote at 2:00AM, but it made no sense. Please ignore this comment.
  15. My favourite games are all mascot platformers. Donkey Kong, Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Kirby, Earthworm Jim, Rayman, Crash Bandicoot, Banjo Kazooie, Shantae, LittleBigPlanet, stuff like that.
  16. There are also just some pretty obnoxious death songs in games, such as in Mario Sunshine, and Kirby 64.
  17. More Skylanders. This is the set of characters from the first game that weren't popular enough to get new figures in Skylanders Giants. I think they form a cool little set of characters personally. They're still playable in Skylanders Giants, but they don't get the upgrades that the other characters got in their new figures. It's nice that Toys for Bob didn't remove them from the series though, and you can still consider them part of the cast despite not officially being part of the "Giants" set of figures. $2.50 per figure again, and I'm still looking for the last eight Series 2 figures.
  18. I've asked myself this a lot, and I feel like both systems are very good for different reasons. For every perfect SNES classic like Kirby Super Star, there are four really fun games you've never heard of on GBA like Gadget Racers, Iridion 3D, Lady Sia, and Turbo Turtle Adventures. The SNES has a good selection of really awesome games, but its selection of modest quality games is lacking. I think you can play better games on the SNES, but there are more games worth playing on GBA.
  19. In the original Wave Race for Game Boy, your racer will cry if he comes in last place, and it will play the tune of "NAH, NAH NAH, NAH NAAAH NAAAAAH!!" the same way kindergartners do. It's really funny, but very extreme. If you lose the whole tournament, your guy looks on at the podium from a distance behind the cheering crowd, and then walks away sadly looking downwards.
  20. The idea of this thread is for video game fans to get caught up on the franchises they care about the most! Type the name of the franchise(s) you want to get caught up on, and then list your unfinished games in that series. As you complete games, cross them off the list in your original post, and make a new post giving your thoughts on the game you just finished! People are encouraged to play as many games in a series as they can, but there's no shame in excluding games you really don't want to play. Let's also not get too obsessive about what constitutes being all caught up, as I don't think people should feel obligated to play a Game and Watch game or anything silly like that. However if there's a game you've beaten before that you have unfinished business with, feel free to include it as something you want to clean up! Games I've beaten before, but want to do more with have a special condition in brackets. Star Fox Series: Star Fox (Course 3), Star Fox 2, Adventures, Assault, Command, Guard Super Mario Series: Lost Levels, Mario 64 (100%), 3D Land (Post Game) 3D World, Odyssey, Bowser's Fury Donkey Kong Series: Diddy's Kong Quest, Donkey Kong 64, Jungle Climber, Country Returns, Tropical Freeze Yoshi Series: Topsy Turvy, Touch and Go, Island DS (100%) New Island (100%) Woolly World, Crafted World Kirby Series: Mass Attack, Rainbow Curse, Planet Robobot, Battle Royale, Star Allies Zelda Series: Wind Waker, Four Swords Adventures, Twilight Princess, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, Skyward Sword, Link Between Worlds, Breath of the Wild. For a project such as this I don't feel like there should be any sort of time restriction, so think of this thread as something you go back to whenever you need a reminder of what to play next. I hope you'll all take part, and get yourself caught up on your favourite series! For a less specified backlog thread, go check out Reed Rothchild's excellent Backlog thread where I played the games that inspired this thread. https://www.videogamesage.com/forums/topic/6172-the-2021-backlog-challenge/
  21. Sorry for the triple post, but nobody has posted in three days, so I don't want to wait any longer. I completed Star Fox Zero 100%, which means earning all 70 gold medals, and clearing Arcade Mode to unlock the Sound Test. Training missions don't give you anything, and are optional high score chasers. I can now happily say that Star Fox Zero was awesome, but it takes a LOT of practice before you can handle the controls. I found it worked best to play on the Game Pad only, and swap view points manually with the (-) button when needed. I previously said that the extra medals don't add much, but I just hadn't played any of the good ones yet. There are a lot of really cool challenges that the medal requirements add, and they never felt unfair. They were good challenges that you'll mess up, but then get fairly quickly. Arcade mode was thrilling too, as you only get one life to beat the whole main story. It's 1CC or bust, and thankfully I cleared it first try. You do have the option to take breaks between stages, which is nice. I did it all in one go though. This game is incredible once you get used to it, and you should give it a whirl if you're a Star Fox or Wii U fan. Once you understand the controls, this turns into an absolute thrill ride while aiming for 100%. Well worth the effort, and if this really is the last Star Fox game, I'd say they went out on a high note. I'll probably work on Mario 3D World and Kirby Rainbow Curse next.
  22. Those two games are sick as hell. I'll just come right out and say that I'm super jealous. As for me, here are a few more Wii U arrivals. I just finished Star Fox Zero 100%, so good timing on the spin off.
  23. Even though I've already beaten Star Fox Zero, I've been making an effort toward getting 100% (All Medals). I'm well over half way there, with 46/70 medals. The score attack medals are the only ones that really mean anything, with all the others being for really arbitrary things that don't add any value. Most of the other medals make you do incredibly cryptic things that no human would ever discover on their own, making 100% somewhat of an unrewarding experience as the only actual way to find them is to buy a guide, or look it up online. You actually do get a pretty cool reward for doing it, and seeing as how I'm so far along already, I might as well keep going. Or to phrase it another way, "THAT REWARD'S AS GOOD AS MINE!"
  24. Star Fox Zero completed! Edit: I've changed my mind. This game rocks. I was a bit hasty in my previous write up after beating the game, as it turns out I was still just bad at it. I can't stress enough how huge the learning curve is to this game, but once it finally all clicks, Star Fox Zero becomes an incredible action game, and easily stands tall alongside Star Fox (SNES) and Star Fox 64. Once you start aiming for the score attack medals, you will naturally get better at the game. The game expects you to play aggressively and skillfully, and you'll find yourself pulling off stunts you didn't think possible before as you go for the gold. Star Fox Zero is a game with an ENORMOUS skill ceiling, but once you figure it all out, it becomes an incredibly fun game to play. I'm working toward collecting all of the Gold Medals, but I take no shame in using a guide to find where the cryptic ones are. Those kind of things are put in games strictly to sell strategy guides, so I'll just look them up on the internet instead.
  25. Here's an update of things that arrived in the mail during the past week. Call of Duty Ghosts may seem like an odd choice, but I haven't played an FPS since Goldeneye on N64. I thought I would take the limited scope of the Wii U as an excuse to finally play something more modern. (Warfare) The big issue with this game was finding someone who would ship it to me cheaply. At $40.00 with $15.00 shipping, I couldn't pass it up. It was sealed too, so I got to bust it open and see the Guitar brand new. Activision loves their plastic toys. I guess I do too. More Skylanders. I decided to look for the rest of the Series 2 figures from Giants, and re-build my entire old collection. The store I found the others at had another bin of figures I didn't notice, and I was able to pick up another set of eight for $2.50 each. There's still another store I can check, so hopefully I can find the rest the next time I go there. Look! I found the fire arrow guy!
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