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  1. Not really. I'm mainly aiming for my favourite ones, and a few other significant to history ones, but I'm not interested in getting all of them. Most of the sports games I don't like, nor do I like Mach Rider, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong 3, Wild Gunman, and the two dumb expensive ones of Stack Up and Jr. Math. I don't think any quality of life position would make me feel it a good idea to buy those two even just cartridge only, let alone with the box.
  2. Hello again! I have one more addition to the collection, and I likely won't get any more for a while after that. I should start out by saying that I decided to sell off Starship Hector, as it's a pretty awful game actually. I got a steal on it with the lot of four it came in, so by selling the Gauntlet II and Starship Hector, I pretty much made all of my money back and in the end got a boxed Kung Fu and Milon's Secret Castle for about $25. I also sold it because I spotted a "Box Only" listing for something important on my high priorities list, and I figured It'd be worth it to sell H
  3. That looks pretty neat! I might give it a whirl on the computer some time. I like playing these kinds of upgrades to existing games. I've never seen much point in playing this kind of thing on real hardware though. I sort of miss the days where there was an exclusive "underground" library of hacks and translations only playable on the computer. I feel playing these types of games on real hardware ruins the rebellious nature of them, but maybe that's just me.
  4. I don't know if I could put a list together the way the thread wants me to, so I'm going to cheat and post my favourite game from EACH genre that I like. Sorry if it's not in the spirit of the thread, but I still want to take part. RPG: Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire: I'm including both games together since you need both games to max out your trainer stars to get a golden trainer card. Racing: Wave Race (Game Boy): The best racing game on Game Boy, and something I love to play every summer. Puzzle: Dr. Mario (Game Boy): The NES version has a better ending scene, but the Game B
  5. Thank you! I know they're generally called the black box games, but seeing as how Kid Icarus and Rad Racer are two of my absolute favourite NES games, (and high on my priority list) I've always included the silver ones as part of the set. I tend to just call the full set of 33 games the "NES Pixel Art" set. The fact that the boxes are black isn't even their most distinguishing feature, so I always found the terminology to be strange.
  6. Some mail arrived for me yesterday! This was a bundle I bought for $100 Canadian, and I'm really happy about it! (Not pictured is a boxed Gauntlet II that came with it that I intend to sell off) Kung Fu is obviously for the Canadian pixel art set, and it's nice to get another good tab on the back! The cover is somewhat sun faded, but I'm not terribly picky about condition outside of squashing. It's a nice addition to the set, and the fact that it came with two other games I was planning to get made it worth it. I have a soft spot for Hudson even though their games tend to be p
  7. I could have pursued it further, but it's not worth my time and stress to deal with something like that. I've already decided that if I want to punish the Pizza Hut drivers for all the bad service they've given me over the years, I'm just going to make the special effort and pick up from the store rather than do delivery at all.
  8. Sunshine is my favourite! Sunshine spin jump is God. Mario 3D Land is my second favourite. It's a charming and lovely update to the Super Mario Bros. formula. Mario 64 is my least favourite. Never owned it with my N64, so going back to it years later after better 3D games came out was pretty rough.
  9. Hello! That's a tricky question for me since all three have their ups and downs. My overall favourite is the first one, but the second and third games are great too. They all excel and falter at different things the others falter or excel at.
  10. I guess to answer the question more directly, if a youtube video or advertisement tries to pander to me with some nice looking shirtless dude, I feel nothing really. It's ultimately just a commercial, so if I'm looking for a new carpet to buy that a shirtless dude is advertising, I'm more thinking, "WOAH! CHECK OUT THAT CARPET!!"
  11. Observant! Yup, for the first party Nintendo games, I'm trying to get the Canadian variants. I'm always happy when Canada actually gets acknowledged by video game companies, so I love the Nintendo Canadian prints.
  12. I'm looking for a lot of things, and I'll probably post a more cohesive list some time in the future. For now my gaming budget is gone for the month, so I'm trying not to worry too much about what I'm missing while I have no gaming money. Though I know it's next to impossible to totally block it from one's mind. I'm not aiming for every pixel art, early NES game, but there are more of them I'm after. As for some of the third party stuff, Batman, Ninja Gaiden, and Ninja Gaiden II are high on my list. I also like Ninja Gaiden III, but I don't think I like it enough compared to the first
  13. I know there's another thread about fast food, so I'm sorry if this is a little needless, but I was wondering if you all have had any interesting stories about people who have delivered food to your house? I seem to have the most trouble with Pizza Hut. I'll only order from them once in a blue moon, and always remember why I never do it despite loving their food. I don't know if it's because it's Canadian Pizza Hut or what, but here's what happened the most recent time. It was about a week ago now, and due to the pandemic the guy wasn't letting me hold the debit machine, which was al
  14. You really had me for a second. XD Well played!
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