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  1. here we have Addams Family Values for Sega Mega Drive https://archive.org/details/addams-family-values_202103
  2. AetiusForReal


    Here we have Axelay for SNES https://archive.org/details/axelay_202103
  3. Here we have 2 x Micro Machines Military for Sega Mega Drive. https://archive.org/details/mmm-cart
  4. Another item from time with PlayStation 2. Here we have a build from mid February 2007. https://archive.org/details/brian-lara-international-cricket-2007
  5. Todays share is a PlayStation 2 Smart Preview disc from my time working with PlayStation 2. I'm not sure it will do much when it is not in a networked development environment but I will share anyway. https://archive.org/details/play-station-smart-preview
  6. Hello all, I joined this site today in an effort to share items from gaming past. Today's share is a PlayStation 2 QA Tool https://archive.org/details/img013_202102 I will try to share items at least once a week.
  7. Hello Video Game Sage. My name is Aetius. I joined today. Someone I spoke to online said this site is a good place for people like me. I am recently retired but worked for a long time in the game industry. I setup a twitter and archive.org account to share things from my days in the industry. I will try post something once a week to have a schedule. If people prefer I can post links to items here also. This is the twitter if anyone wants it https://mobile.twitter.com/aetiusforreal And this is the archive.org https://archive.org/details/@aetius_for_rea
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