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  1. Glass panel off. And final repair done. I also found a PDF of instructions for using this system. Wii_Starlight_Gaming_station_Operations_Manual.pdf
  2. I dug in a little further. I unbolted the back panel and then removed the other lock. Inside you can see the back of the DVD player sending composite video to the TV. The Wii itself has a component cable going to the TV. The Wii has a green plastic panel that blocks where a CD drive would normally go. This console should have a hard drive inside which holds the games locally. It has a bluetooth wired connection and the colored cables go to the two controllers. A Wii lan adapter connects to the external RJ45 port on the kiosk. The main problem I saw with this was the protective g
  3. I started working on opening this up. I wanted to see if I could get into the main compartment where the console is. On one side there is a single DIN DVD player like what you might install in a RV that would have a separate LCD television. I could reach in there front the front with a long socket extension and removed the lock from the inside. Once the back security door was open, someone is able to change out the DVD discs that can be stashed on that round plastic peg. There isn't much else to see in the back once that door is open. On the bottom I noticed two external ports. O
  4. I plan to open it up and do some minor repairs and cleanup. I can post more pictures as I go along.
  5. Hospitals usually treat them like old computer equipment. They have a company that regularly picks up and recycles computers just take these kiosks to dispose of them. Because of this, it is likely that 95% of them just get pulled apart and the components recycled. I saw a Nintendo Wii U kiosk at a hospital a couple years ago. I did not take note of what brand it was. Like someone else said, there is also a new Switch kiosk announced but I don't think that unit has been delivered yet.
  6. Hey, I'm new to the forum and just thought I would share the largest item in my collection. I think it is pretty rare as I can hardly find any info on it online. It is an old Kiosk originally made to be sold to Children's hospitals around the country. Has anyone seen these in Canada? The one I have has a few cosmetic blemishes but it still works. It has a Wii locked inside with a hard drive that has some games pre-loaded. There is no standard menu screen like you've seen on a home Wii console. These were also made with a single DIN DVD player on the right side. You would normally hav
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