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  1. After a busy summer with very little video game time, I've finally knocked out another one. All three cups of Hot Wheels have been conquered. Looks like you have all been busy. Hopefully I can knock a few more out in the next few weeks.
  2. I feel like I definitely should have liked it more than I did. I appreciate that they tried to make some changes to the Cruis'n USA formula so that it wasn't just Cruis'n USA: Off Road Edition, but I never really felt like I was in control and getting through some of the races seemed to take more luck than skill. Overall, I just found it more frustrating than fun. Maybe I'm just getting a bit burned-out on N64 racers and need to play some other types of games for a bit
  3. Off-Road Challenge is done. I did not enjoy this one very much.
  4. Looks like he's coming for that top spot. Only one way to stay ahead...get crackin' on some more games!
  5. I decided to give Nagano another go. After a few failed attempts playing as Canada and scoring poorly with the American judges, I decided to see if there was some built-in bias by playing instead as the US. I still scored worse with the Americans than the other judges (so it wasn't that the developers hated Canadians, they just hate everyone who plays this poor excuse of a game), but I was able to piece together a (barely) good enough run to win the championship mode. There doesn't seem to be any sort of credit roll, but I assume that should be enough to count as beaten?
  6. What's not to love about a game where you play as an anthropomorphic monkey named, of all things, Spanky that bounces bubbles on top of his head that turn into different types of balls when burst, that are used to attack walking fruit? I don't know what the developers were on when they came up with the idea, but I'm glad they did. It's a great game.
  7. I beat Spanky's Quest earlier in the week. I was a bit surprised to see it added to the Switch's Online library, but it gave me a chance to re-visit it after several years. A bit of an odd game, but I enjoyed my time with it.
  8. One more for me this month. Top Gear Overdrive is done. This game probably has the best track design of the Top Gear games on the N64. Too bad the actual driving is pretty rough. The faster cars seem to completely break the physics of the game occasionally - go over a jump too hard are rub into a guard rail and suddenly the car is falling through the track. This was also the era when racing games loved to use generic rock music, which has not aged well IMO. I played the game on mute because it was so ear-grating. Despite all that, I didn't actually hate my time with it, but I'm also glad to be done with it. Also, apparently I unlocked a taco car for beating the game? I kind of miss the weirdness/quirkiness of the N64 era.
  9. Top Gear Hyper-Bike is done now too. Not a great game by any stretch of the imagination, but I still managed to have a decent time with it. The championship mode is broken down into 6 seasons. The first 5 were quite easy, but there was a definite difficulty spike for the final one. At least it was fairly short.
  10. As long as you don't start expecting this every year. Some of these are painful. Especially World Driver Championship. Finally done with this mind-numbingly mediocre game. It's not necessarily a "bad" game, but it was one of the most boring games I've played in recent memory. And at 15-20 hours, it certainly overstays its welcome.
  11. Decided to revisit Super Mario Land 2 for the first time in a few years. I think I appreciate this game a little bit more each time I replay it. I like it's predecessor as well, but it is quite amazing the improvements they were able to make between the two games.
  12. I've been working on World Driver Championship. I think I'm about halfway through. I didn't realize this game was going to be quite as long as it is, so it'll take me a bit yet to get through the rest of it.
  13. Another one for the Collection of Mana - Secret of Mana is done. Haven't played through this in about 18 years, so it was nice to revisit it finally. I found the beginning rather dull, I quite enjoyed the middle sections, but then it started to drag near the end. Overall, still a pretty solid game.
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