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  1. Oh, no you CAN print labels through PP, but if you were previously getting your sale $$$ put into your PP, but aren't any more...it can cause a problem. The current options for label payment are PP and deduct from payout.
  2. I had my PP as the default way to pay for shipping labels on Ebay. Which, was no problem, since money was always going in from the sale. Then they went to managed payments, but they don't auto-change the way you pay for your shipping labels. My PP balance ran dry, and the backup was an old bank account that had about $100 in it. Next thing I know I'm getting overdraft notices! Anyways, don't forget to change your label payment to reduce from your payout...sigh.
  3. Here is the cheapest cart I see on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hamtaro-Rainbow-Rescue-Nintendo-Gameboy-Advance-Game-Boy-GBA-original-cartridge/224165054940
  4. I have ordered many things from Europe to the US since the start of the pandemic and the shipping is still generally fairly quick. 2-4 weeks. Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France all seem to be functioning at close to normal. I just ordered something from China with an estimated delivery date of 2 weeks. I doubt it will arrive by then, but we will see.
  5. I don't think there are any ASI GBC games. There are ASM games though - like this one from Taiwan.
  6. That HAS to be a sticker. Can you take the cut box out of the rental case?
  7. Interested! Is there any way to watch a recorded version of your cast? The link in your post just sends you to an offline page.
  8. Sweet, I found the coupon in "My Messages" You registered on 11-30-1998 First Purchase: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure T-Shirt XL on 1-27-2002. First Sale: PS2 Playstation 2 New Sealed Free Shipping!!! on 12-17-2001. Wow, I was a seller before being a buyer? That doesn't sound right. I definitely bought some things in 1999/2000. Says: Ends 9/10. Min. spend $25.01. Special offer just for you.
  9. I bet it was intentionally bad to get everyone talking about it. I never would never have given Fifa 21 a second of thought had you not been turned off by the cover and posted this. Free advertising! Pretty smart actually...
  10. Neat. What is the white sticker going across the top of the label?
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nintendo-NES-Console-Video-Game-System-Complete-2-Games/254644459294 Original NES system with a low serial # - 384,000
  12. ^Good recent example is DoctorEncore posting a bounty thread for some games I had, but was not planning on selling. The bounty was more than fair, so I messaged him. Sold, shipped delivered. Bounties work for rare and hard to find things only. You have to pry them from people who don't want to part with them.
  13. Basically, the model signed a 12 month contract for the picture. Then the model's agent signed an unlimited use contract for the same picture by signing the model's name on the new contract. Court dismissed the judgement because the model had previously granted permission for the agent to sign contracts on his behalf. Do I have that right? Sounds like he probably spent whatever he earned from the photo on lawyer fees...
  14. Here are two recent sold ones: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-Nintendo-Game-Boy-w-box-Tetris-bundle-from-Hong-Kong-with-manual-Rare/184305640135 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Game-Boy-Original-DMG-GB-HKG-Hong-Kong-Simon-Toys-Nintendo/124207536030
  15. I'm hoping this will be good since all the original writers were involved. Please don't Crystal Skull this!
  16. It came with Metroid, Simon's Quest, Stinger, Rygar and Maniac Mansion. Both Metroid and Simon's Quest were the white oval seal releases.
  17. Yup, it was me with the CIB. I bought it off Ebay in a lot with a toploader and 5 CIB games. No idea what I had until years after I sold it to a member on NA who lives in Taiwan. I contacted him several times after that, but he isn't interested in selling it back. Then, randomly I found a bin for a 3 screw cart only and bought it. Made the post on NA about it, then put it on NA auctions, where NES Gangsta bought it....for $250 I think. I have seen one other 3 screw Stinger cart on Ebay in a large lot games, but it was in the sold listings. So, there are more out there.
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