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  1. Guys Continuing my sale of stuff i won't play or don't play. Haven't figured up prices yet on everything, but am willing to be very fair. Here are few things I have thought up prices on: C64C system with New Power Supply tested and working system nice shape, new psu is like $40 plus shipping $110 plus shipping Super Mario RPG with Manual $80 Paper Mario N64 nice shape $70 Super Smash N64 $35 Gauntlet Legends N64 $40 Grandia HD Collection Switch opened has trading card $105 Brigandine Switch opened complete $70 Alien Front Line has microphone
  2. where are you located? i have a 4' long Neon Sign but it would be pickup only. I am in NW Ohio
  3. Guys I am debating selling my Nintendo Powers. Volumes 1-15 All are complete with posters and inserts intact. Includes 2 of the Fun Clubs. The first 6 or so don't have address labels, in really nice shape. Some of hte later ones when they went to the crappier design the spine has a little damage, but the first few are really nice shape. See pics, trying to gauge a fair price if i were to sell them.
  4. Guys Got an itch for some Limited Run Switch Games. Here are some I definately would like to trade for or buy: Shadowgate Toe Jam & Earl Cosmic Star Heroine Saturday Morning RPG Brigandine Jedi Outcast/Academy Might be interested in others, i like throw back to old school games and rpg's. I have lots of stuff to trade or can buy also Thanks
  5. i just posted a lot of 6 ps1 longbox games in selling forum.
  6. Have a few Things to sell: Metroid Amiibo 2 Pack $60 plus shipping Detective Pikachu Amiibo $30 plus shipping 13 Figure Mario Party Lot $200 plus shipping 20 Gamecube Game lot $110 plus shipping, all have manuals except Freedom Fighters, NBA Street, Madagascar, and super bubble pop
  7. Hey guys this is jeffg from Nintendoage. I was on NA for many years and have probably sold/traded with alot of you guys over the years. Excited to have a place to call home again. Good to have a place to come to as NA being gone was a real bummer
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