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  1. Thanks for the input! Yes i use this manufacturer (Original Pexiglas) and they have all type of technical datasheets on their website - i will try to lookup more closely and find uv resistance data. I will try to do that box and post some photos!
  2. How can you describe this (the cracked, bubbled edges in attached photo). I mean no disrespect, just saying what i see. If their boxes look different now i take back everything what i said. You can read about extruded acrylic cracking here, it's very common and that is why i use cast acrylic only. https://old.artifacturestudios.com/archives/317/ Again, no disrespect, just wan't everyone to be aware of the problem. Nevertheless, thank you for pointing out, i will focus on my boxes in the future and let their quality to speak by itself. Thanks!
  3. According to Plexiglas manufacturer in Germany, this acrylic has UV resistance capabilities: https://www.plexiglas.de/en/products/plexiglas/plexiglas-gs-xt As for some prototype, i will be able to do it after weekend - and will post results on social media channels, so please follow up closely
  4. Yes, transparent acrylic + a litte hole in the back for hanging on wall. That was my initial idea. You can see this hole for hanging on a picture below (i made it for one box, that owner wanted to hang):
  5. I have an idea of a4 protector for my old games magazines from 80-90s, but didn't cut them yet. My laser has a 30x50 cm work area, so its doable i think - can try and put some photos online after Christmas.
  6. I will, i am super picky sbout edges of my boxes so you wont be dissapointed. I'm in the middle of Christmas dinner, will do it tomorrow, ok? Engraving is my specialty!
  7. Still, $40 for a standard big box case (8.26x10x1.6 inch) without uv resistance Not to mention 3-4 weeks wait time
  8. Every case is glued with transparent glue. It makes a strong bond like everything was made from one piece.
  9. Guys, thank you so much! Any box size can be done, i just need measures (preferred in milimeters) and you pretty boxes will be well protected, and will look super nice! As for VGA/CGA acrylic boxes - well they have a different purpose that what i'm offering. They seal the game, and you can't get it out. Besides, CGA makes their boxes with extruded acrylic, which leave pretty bad cracks and marks on gluing surface. Its much cheaper, but i made many tests on them, and finally decided to go with the best acrylic i can get. I'm preparing a sale after Christmas, so be sure to check my soci
  10. Hello fellow collectors! My name is Mike and i'm new here As a big box collector, I was faced with the dilemma of how to protect and secure my most expensive exhibits. There is no ideal solution when it comes to storing big boxes due to the different sizes of each game. So I made RetroBoxed - a project that tries to solve this problem in a perfect way. I produce laser-cut cases made of transparent Plexiglas, tailored specifically to your game - I take dimensions from the client and create a case perfectly suited to it. Each box can be engraved with developer logo or any cust
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