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  1. Worked on games...lol that was the smart a** answer. I ran two different departments. I'm writing a book about my experiences in the game business over 25 + years. The SE chapter will be an interesting one, that I can promise you.
  2. Just got my first graded game back. Very happy with the score. I got this game while working at Square Enix.
  3. Hi Everyone! I've been producing games for over 25 years. Over that time span, I've come up with some pretty rare stuff. I'm finding out that college is expensive and I'm trying to raise money for it. I have a great working, ultra rare, wideboy for the N64. I used it to play eproms of various AGB titles through the N64 and onto the TV. This made it easier to see details of the game, take screen shots, recordings etc. Anyway, I've seen these on Ebay from 3k to 6k. I'm pricing this at 4k and open to offers but not trades. I have it on Ebay my id is chisajr and I would have 100% feedback but I go
  4. I just got my first graded game back from Wata. It was a game, I picked up while working at SE. I was pleasantly surprised with the score ...
  5. Hi! I am looking for a mint copy of either the game or Manual of Earthworm Jim 2 for the Sega Saturn. Thank you!
  6. Willing to trade or buy the Deja Vu Hint Book for the NES. Thanks!
  7. Time Left: 2 days and 13 hours

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    Willing to pay $50 for a clean condition. Thanks!


  8. WTB Instruction Booklets and Boxes View Advert I'm looking to buy the following to fill out my collection - Powerslave PSX Instruction Booklet MTV Sports Snowboarding PSX Instruction Booklet Battle Arena Toshinden 1 PSX Instruction Booklet and Box Battle Arena Toshinden 2 PSX Instruction Booklet and Box Hole in One Super Famicom Instruction Booklet
  9. Hi! I'm looking at rounding out some of my collection and wondered if you knew a good site to buy Instruction Booklets and Boxes from? I've tried Ebay with some success. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
  10. I would send one to VGA and one to Wata. That way you can compare cost, grading, turn around time, case looks etc. I sent some games to Wata and had to email them to see if they got my games. They did respond (and it didn't take 4 days) but they should send a confirmation email automatically when our games are received (IMO).
  11. Well, up until recently I didn't have a firm list of all my games. I just put them in tubs and kept them there as I didn't have a large enough place to display them. Over time, one tub turned into two, three, four etc. In just the past few weeks, I've gone through all the games (sorting what is sealed, CIB, missing items, eproms (prototypes) etc. and have been putting them in a spread sheet (along with systems, controllers etc). I'm still tweaking the list but when it is done, posting them here isn't a bad idea. Thanks Code Monkey! I appreciate your input and everyone else who has responded.
  12. Hi All, So, they aren't all promos. When buying games through employee stores the games are often drilled. This is common with Sony and EA games but the games are absolutely no different than retail. I know, I worked in the industry and bought several games like these. Thanks!
  13. That's awesome. I went to Target and couldn't find one. Asked the sales guy and he said sure he reached down and had a sealed box of them. Opens the box and takes one out. Then he proceeds to drop the entire box and all of the games onto the hard floor. When asked if I wanted more than one, I just said "I'll take the one that didn't drop, thanks.". Wow! Got one and hope the rest are ok! Thanks for the heads up! 50$ not including tax.
  14. Wow, you have some impressive stuff, Tidaldreams. Maybe I should start an Ebay store....
  15. Hi All! I have decided to pull these ebay auctions. These carts are the real deal, I know I was the one who worked in development for 20 years. I'm going to research the value more on these and am even considering going the 'grading' route. I welcome any of your thoughts on grading (good or bad). Thanks!
  16. Hi Everyone! After working in the video game industry for 20+ years, I've come up with quite a personal collection. However, I have no idea how to value games that never got released? I have pre-production eproms, signed games, etc. Is there a place to go to obtain value on rare items? I don't think Ebay is the best way to get a fair price. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Thanks for posting the link. I wasn't sure if that was ok. I tried on Reddit and they said no links. I've been requested to make a list of the games I'm selling. Hope to have it for everyone soon. Thanks!
  18. Hi Everyone! A friend suggested that I post on this site. I've never been on Vidgeo Game Sage and if this isn't allowed just go ahead and delete this post. I'm selling my gaming collection off and have many eproms and unreleased games. I was in the video game business since the late 80's to around 2011, mainly working for Japanese publishers. My wife was cool with my ever growing collection but grumbles now and again. Anyway, my daughter is going to college and to raise a bit of cash, I'm selling off my eproms. Right now, I have some stuff listed on Ebay. I don't have a complete list of a
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