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  1. Great start! Looking forward to these.
  2. Thanks! My brother plays on his Oculus Rift via his old computer, so should be fine. Let me know how you liked it if you try it out
  3. Hi! I hope it's ok to post about this here. For the past year or so I've worked together with my brother and our friend on our first indie game project, called DunDun VR. We've been learning VR gamedev at the same time. We just released the game a couple of hours ago and if anyone wants to check out DunDun VR, you can get it on Steam for free: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1695870/DunDun_VR/ Our main target audience are people new to VR, but hopefully it's fun for more experienced players as well. If you try it out and have time to leave an honest review, that'd be much appreciated! Thanks and I hope you enjoy DunDun VR!
  4. I have beaten games this year, I promise! Just not the ones on my list Maybe this is my quarter.
  5. I'm a big fan of the N64 and play it from time to time. Usually I default to Mario Kart 64, but I've recently been playing Custom Robo and Diddy Kong Racing which are a lot of fun. Never got into DKR as a kid and I still think MK64 is superior I didn't own too many games for the N64 as a kid, but as most other kids back then, we borrowed from each other and played at each others house. Some memorable ones that I played as a kid: Mario 64, GoldenEye, Mario Kart 64, Wave Race 64, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon (this was weird and awesome), Star Wars Rogue Squadron, Blast Corps, Turok...and those are the ones that comes to mind right now. Here's my current setup: I have a N64 Digital as well, but haven't decided if I want to mod a PAL or NTSC console. Any input would be great. I'm leaning towards NTSC, but then I'd have to buy yet another console. I already own a spare PAL one. Oh, and btw, I'm one of those people who love the original controller, but the wireless option is just easier I own some accessories as well, but I've kept the collection super small. Some magazines that I've kept from when I was a kid (all in Swedish) as well as the "Nintendo 64 Anthology" by Math Manent. Also: Some time ago I decided to make my own version of the Ultra 64 logo which you can check out here:
  6. Been waiting for this since it was first announced. I will preorder for sure.
  7. Fun topic @CasualCart Love your illustrations dude, they always put a smile on my face. For me it's art: illustration and graphics design, not good at much else . Currently I'm working on a short surreal VR experience together with my brother and a friend. For anyone interested, you can check it out at: https://anananasstudio.se/ I like to try out a little bit of everything and I've attached an image showing some game related stuff I've worked and am working on. I'd be up for a collaborative art project, sounds like a fun idea!
  8. Occasionally I will think about my list, and there will be a mental sigh. Man, I've only finished Limbo, which is a pretty short game. On top of that, I was apparently literally 5 min from the end, and had been for several years until I decided to get back to it Almost feels like a cheat. Anyway, thanks for the reminder @Reed Rothchild That's a pretty sad list
  9. Tried it out the other day and it seems like a really fun time. Looks great. I'm also a bit concerned about potential game breaking bugs and will probably wait for a patched version before getting deeper into it. With that said, I know myself, and will most likely not finish it either way
  10. Mario Kart 64 hands down. Probably my favourite N64 game. Haven't played most of the others tbh I will say Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is really good as well. Edit: I always play as Toad Should he not be available my backup is Yoshi.
  11. It would be really cool to see some pictures of that! I've never heard of that accessory. This is kind of turning into a N64 controller thread, haha, but all weird and odd controllers (and accessories) are welcome
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