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  1. Do you have any additional photos or details on the TurboGrafx lot? Unless I’m missing something, I just see the one photo of two games and some obscured hardware in the background. Thanks!
  2. Sent you a PM. I’ll take it if it’s still available - not trying to leapfrog the poster above who had first dibs.
  3. Looking for a loose copy in great cosmetic condition that’s tested and confirmed to work. Please PM me if you have a copy that you would consider selling and we can work out a fair price. Thanks!
  4. Very cool lot, good luck with the sale! If you do decide to sell any items individually, I’m in Charlotte and would be interested in a handful of games/accessories.
  5. Thanks for the reply, I appreciate the additional context! Let me know of anything noteworthy you see when you check the two games out, and no rush from my side. From your experience, how is the physical quality of the bootleg carts? Do they tend to have the same useful life as normal FC carts, or are they prone to failure? Are they made in Taiwan or elsewhere? Also, is there any risk of them damaging consoles? I assume not, but I’m super ignorant of this type of game. If you have a chance, I’d also be interested in more detailed photos of the two games I mentioned, including th
  6. Very cool lot of items here. I may be interested in some of the Famicom carts, but I’m not super familiar with the bootleg scene. Are they just unlicensed versions of Japanese release? For example, is B65-Ninja Cats an exact copy of Ninden Teyandee, or are there differences? I’m also interested in B61-Altered Beast if you have any relevant info on that one. Forgive my ignorance here, all of my FC carts are licensed.
  7. Many thanks to those who have already followed up with me. Updated the list and added a few additional games. Please let me know if you have any of these games and want to work out a deal!
  8. Hello all, I was a longtime member of NA, but only posted occasionally. I’ve gradually sold off most of my collection over the years and I’m trying to replace my favorites. Here is my Want to Buy list: NES Star tropics Solomons key Duck tales Bomberman Contra Super C Donkey Kong jr Bubble bobble TMNT 2: arcade TMNT 3: Manhattan project Yoshi cookie Jackal Mario Bros (arcade classic) Ring King Rygar Castlevania 3 McKids Back to the future Back to the future 2&3 P
  9. Quake 3 Arena Halo (original) Resistance: Fall of Man Unreal Tournament 3 Q3A is definitely my favorite FPS of all time, just so much fun and nonstop action. The original Halo campaign is classic and hits me in the nostalgia feels from all the childhood memories. R:FoM was criminally underrated. UT3 came out at the right time for the mods and custom maps to be incredible, I remember having all of the Q3A maps along with so many crazy user-created maps.
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