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  1. I spend about an hour to 90 min on ebay a day. I have a nice job, too...why u think I go on vacation so much, making a difference, pouring money into the hurting tourism industry
  2. Where did I say I wasn't a reseller. I sell everything.
  3. No. I got into video games only since I received a HA catalog in the mail for video games this past May. And already have turned 8k in 68k with games laying around and graded.. after getting the catalog,, I was like, here is market that will have a big push, jumped on ebay and bought about 80 games and have been making a killing. All those empire strikes back 2600 and intellivison, that was me. Buy for a 100. Grade and resell for 1500. I even bought graded games like again empire for 340 and in less than week, I flipped for 3k. And and on and on.....and u claim u have 10 years in this market
  4. You are the troll, u accuse me of shill bidding, u compare a 8.5 to a 9.4...u r ignorant...straight up. I have over 400k on ebay, 23 years on ebay, stellar feedback. Gtfoh
  5. U feel bad for me? Don't, I think I judge markets wayyy better than u. Take a look at my side hustle. X 4 X 23 yrs on ebay...all side hustle so keep hating the guy without trousers, as your crony says..haha
  6. With Zelda commanding top dollar, and Ocarina of Time being on the list of top 10 video games of all time, what is this probably worth? It was release in Japan before the USA market and has way better box art to boot. How much you think an unopened copy will bring on HA? Its coming up on HA soon.
  7. You said the Japanese market is weak. That is a very foolish statement. Where was mario and Zelda and donkey kong created? And developed? Japan, genius and when it comes out there first before the mighty USA. You will see in near future what these games bring now that wata is grading them and they go on various auction sites. Just a very ignorant comment for n64 "expert" like u to say. Stop hating. Bottomline, Mario no Photopi is the rarest N64 Mario game ever made. In fact, the developers for Mario paint said their game is limited to 7500 and that photopi is much rarer than that.
  8. Its ok, I will post another game you can bash tonight
  9. What are you talking about. You find it unopened...good luck with that
  10. Its rarer than the virtual wrestling 2. Not sure where u are getting your info from. Its also rarer than the king of pro baseball 2 you speak of. As for being part of a bigger set, that is true and false. Like Mario kart 64, Nintendo would not include a separate box like they did for pocket stadium monsters, Mario kart 64 unless the game itself was a truly a boxed game put in a larger box to that also holds additional accessories or controllers, etc.
  11. I dont think its a 64DD game. It was planned as such but that idea was scratched. I think its a great investment but that's me.
  12. Not release rarity but game title rarity/availability. Thanks
  13. Yeah. I meant to say rarest N64 game. Not Nintendo. I'm just trying to figure out if it is a really unknown item and if anyone had any info on it. It is not the easiest game to learn about online. Thanks for all remarks, good or bad. I am just here to feed on knowledge dropped on me.
  14. Well, I posted 3 different sources so how rare is it? It will be in HA Xmas catalog
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