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  1. I think GB is very distinct from GBC and GBA. First, from what I can see there are a lot more cibs out there for GBA, a couple of times I considered getting a cib just because I'm always looking for cart+manual and there were actually much more options for cibs and they tended to cost like getting the cart and the manual separately. Never did it because I don't want it to fill up space and I also don't want to take apart a cib to flip the box. Second, I think the original gameboy has much more iconic titles. I think most the people who contributed to the rising prices of cibs want to
  2. For me it's not even the jump scares themselves, more like that I just hate the feeling of constantly anticipating the jump scares.
  3. I can totally relate. I mean, as a kid even the redeads in Ocarina of Time on the n64 were a bit more then I can handle lol.
  4. Don't know about you people, but I'm actually starting to see stuff cool off a bit, especially in the realm of **SUPER RARE!!1*** pokemon games. I was priced out of a bunch gba titles like a month or two ago, most notably LeafGreen reached like $120 in auctions which is unbelievable. Now I see $95 BINs sitting there for a couple of days with no buyers. Hopefully partial sanity will be restored soon.
  5. Now playing Wind Waker on the cube. I'm deeply impressed and enjoying it!
  6. I've always wanted to play Animal Crossing on the cube, but I really don't want that much commitment.
  7. I couldn't even get through death mountain without save states in my 20s.... Still, I realize this is a very good game.
  8. For whoever buys it, I think it's a better idea to spend that money (or much less actually) on psychological therapy for dealing with insecurities.
  9. Isn't it weird that the manual has "1" in the end? I thought this should mean not first run.
  10. Never played, seems interesting, but also I'm hesitant because it looks like a commitment.
  11. Both new and authentic! Have to get my hands on this rare variant lol, obviously this one of a kind item is under priced at $60.
  12. Started playing starfox adventures, retired after 5 hours.... Really, this game is bad. I know it got somewhat solid reviews when it came out, but I really couldn't get any enjoyment out of it. I really feel like the only pro this game has is that it looks and sounds good. Other then that, just dull gameplay, together with a bunch of very irritating mechanics.
  13. I was planning on playing Leafgreen this summer and now it's like $100+ Guess I'll wait for next summer lol It might take some time for prices to drop but I really can't imagine it being sustainable at these prices
  14. Here is the trend I'm noticing: it looks like the prices are jacked up the most for games that were moderately expansive to begin with. There are a couple of games I've been looking forward to purchase one of couple of gb/a games that used to sell loose for like $40-$60 and I try to limit myself on purchases like these, which are the top of my personal price range. So I wait a lot before any such purchase and make them infrequent. Now I was looking to see if maybe I'll buy one of them and all of these games I wanted jumped 50% to 100% which is ridiculous. On the other hand, anything that
  15. When I searched my parents house for the old gamecube games we had, I was disappointed to find out that Mario Kart:DD was missing. I remembered it as my second favorite gamecube game, after ssbm. It is extremely unlikely it was sold since almost no one in my country had a gamecube. But then, I didn't find a save slot for it in the memory card. So I started to question my memory - is it possible that I never had the game? Also, I'm 100% certain that I didn't play at on a cube owned by someone else - only once I played on another cube, and the game was ssbm. So the actual question is - is i
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