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  1. Of course it's not literally the same. I meant "the same" as in "very similar". And you are right that the are more levels in each world. In total it makes 40 (dkc) vs 34 (dkl) levels including bosses, which is less a difference then what I expected. Maybe the levels themselves are shorter? I dunnon, just my personal experience with each was that dkc dragged on and on and on... and on the other hand dkl was pretty nice.
  2. Update a week later: Tried more, but finally rage quit. This game should be a benchmark for sadism.
  3. I'm surprised no one has f-zero x in their top 10. For me, it's the best racing game I've played on the system. I also agree with every praise Paper Mario got here. I remember it as being the first game I was ever like totally impressed by and aware of it. It's amazing.
  4. Yep. And the reason is that it's the same game just shorter. The main problem I had with dkc1 is that after like 1/3 of the game it feels like the same thing again and again. But I like to complete games, so it felt like a "chore". I guess it's a non-issue for ppl who don't have the completion ocd.
  5. DKC is repetitive and boring. The graphics are amazing of course, but that's all it has. DKC2 on the other hand is a masterpiece. DKC3 is also great. The DKL's are also solid. Only the first installment mediocre-ish. Sorry ppl, I know now everybody here is going to hate me. Just deal with the truth lol
  6. Recently tried to play f-zero gx, and I'm surprised that my controller is still intact and not smashed to pieces on the wall. The story mode ridiculously impossible to finish. But honestly, great game. It really exceeded my expectations, and I expected quite a lot. Only thing I wish is that it had the soundtrack from f-zero x on the n64.
  7. I'd understand if it didn't look like an official release. Fan translations/hacks totally make sense to me, and I don't care too much for the ip issues because most of the time these are done in reasonably good faith. But here, I just find the fact it looks like an official release as kind of ugly and unfitting. It's not always that making something look like an official release is bad. For example, there's the Pokemon Yellow for NES I see on ebay all the time. But it's so obvious that it's not an official release, so making it look like that is kind of nice. But when something looks convincing enough, it's sort of an uncanny valley that I don't like.
  8. Honestly what I really find hard to understand is stuff like this or this Why would anyone want something like this?
  9. I totally get it. I guess there is much more excitement if you wait patiently until you get a copy. So they sort of engineer more excitement and satisfaction for themselves in the hobby, and this actually makes a lot of sense. Also, it probably motivates them much more to find it.
  10. I think lightning strikes don't shrink go-karts irl.
  11. I really enjoyed MM, but I liked OOT more. Something about the atmosphere I guess... For some reason, in MM Termina feels sort of lonely. I guess it's because you reset the clock every time and then you have no ongoing interaction with other characters in the story.
  12. Haven't been here for some time. Here is what I added the last couple of months. Finally done getting the manuals for all the loose carts I have
  13. You are right with your criticism of Israel, but wrong in seeing Hamas as fighting for Palestinian freedom. Supporting the Palestinians doesn't mean supporting Hamas.
  14. @Californication Hamas is firing rockets on Israeli civilians for political gain. Last couple of weeks there were rising tensions in neighborhoods in east Jerusalem, with Palestinians protesting the continuing oppression by Israel (if you like, I can gladly go into more specific details). The struggle and protests were popular and grassroots, and Israeli police responded violently, as they tend to do. What Hamas wants? To gain political credit in the eyes of the Palestinian population, as if they are responsible and leading these protests. To make people identify Hamas as representing these protests, even though they don't. Personally, I completely support the Palestinian struggle to end the Israeli occupation, and to end all of forms of discrimination inside Israel. The current Israeli attack on Gaza is atrocious, and currently Israel is denying any cease fire talk (after all, the Israeli leadership was also just waiting for the oppurtunity to attack). But Hamas is not a party concerned with ending the occupation, they are only concerned with maintaining their political power. I don't want it to come off as if I'm saying Hamas is responsible for the deaths in Gaza. It's the Israeli government that's responsible (and the last couple of days, all I'm doing every evening is demonstrating in the streets with this message). All I'm saying is that unfortunately, the actions of Hamas are not meant to support the struggle against the Israeli oppression.
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