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  1. Please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  2. Forgive my ignorance but why is this game expensive, it's not like it is the only NES homebrew to be rare? Should of taken someone's offer in 2018/19 for $400 on NintendoAge
  3. Oh wow,yeah too much lol.
  4. I have Paprium Investor Edition and Grand Stick for swaps.
  5. Is there anyway to know which of these have roms, particularly the carts that are no longer available. I don't mind if they have roms to buy but keep of track of what has a rom and what doesn't is confusing.
  6. Nim and Nom is one I like of the few I am exploring.
  7. Very true, we'll see how things go.
  8. Hi, so I have mentioned elsewhere on here about homebrews and wanting to ensure I can play upcoming games that use custom mappers like UXROM Alwa's Awakening etc. I think inevitably a standard NES might be the way to go as an option with an FPGA AVS or Analogue as those clone devices won't have all the mappers at any single time but rigging up to my flat screen will be an issue. I am not in the market for a CRT at the moment. Being UK based an NTSC model will be the way to go as I understand NES consoles can't be modded for 60hz like a SNES/Mega Drive. My next question is, I he
  9. But I don't t want one, just not my preference.
  10. @lifegame sorry what.who is Bounty?
  11. My holy grail. Please let me know, I know it's a long shot.
  12. OK my bad sorry, well because I don't really want upscalers like the OSSC etc, I am aware of the Hi-Def NES but that's discontinued. I'll takea look at the AVS , thanks.
  13. As someone looking to move away from software emulation, I am wary that there are mappers that are custom homebrew like Alwa's Awakening using UXROM and Former Dawn using MXM-0 mappers. What's my best option going forwards, as I am not sure if these games will work with the NT Mini or Mister, assuming roms are released. If not what is my best bet for cart support. I don't have a CRT so the NES itself is kid of out of the question.
  14. Thanks for all the suggestions so far, I am getting into the NES and the homebrew scene. It is overwhelming how much there is and still coming out. I'll try these suggestions but any more I should try, please let me know.
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