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  1. Thanks, I don't disagree, just kicking myself for holding back 10 years ago on SE. I also never got into SNES, but I recently was looking at the prices of N64, holy crap, I am glad I completed that set before it went nuts! I would have to double check, but I think I only paid $150 for Sculptors Cut. My collections are mostly cart only, boxes were too hard to hide from the wife!
  2. This thread got me thinking and going back through some of my purchases. I thought Flintstones 2 was my most expensive, but after going through old messages it looks like I traded, so I am something like: Flintstones 2 Surprise at Dino $625 (2013 - NA) (mix of cash and trades) Little Samson - $450 (2013, ebay with $50 off?) Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball - $450 (2019, ebay - cart only, was part of a lot including console, apparently I wasn't the only one who saw the cart in the picture...) James Buster Douglas CIB - $355 (2015, ebay) Bounty Bob Strikes Back - $325 (2015, AA) I was so close back in the day to pulling the trigger on Stadium Events when it was around $3k, but my wife would have killed me, in fact, probably still would even if I got it for $3000 today! Probably the one piece I will never get, forever at 676.
  3. I love the game, I play my NES games less and less it seems, but this one is always in the rotation. Probably because it is fast paced, fun, and quick!
  4. Hey everyone, my collecting had slowed down quite a bit over the last few years as I went to grad school and couldn't afford as much. As such, the last few years of NA I was not as active as I was previously. After the NA debacle I was pretty frustrated as I housed all of my collection in those databases, I still haven't gotten around to re-cataloging everything, but was considering it and found VGS. Seems several of the NA folks made the move here just under a year ago, seems I am late! I will certainly miss the MASSIVE amounts of data, but open to see what VGS has to offer. If anyone has a recommendation on a home for my collection data I am all ears. Have yet to find anything like what NA had.
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