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  1. Yes and thank you! I use Twitter to post any new announcements and updates. Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it and we wanted to make sure we gave everyone something special with the certificates.
  2. Yes! I am also looking at doing another production run. Just trying to decide if I want to just do a run of like 50 more, or do a pre-order based run and produce more based on pre-order counts.
  3. Disregard the clickbait title in the video. They changed it after the story aired.
  4. Dale is correct, it is a Mapper 30 game so yes it will work on them.
  5. Hey everyone! Thanks for the well wishes! Sorry I have not been very active, been focusing on my health and getting Doodle World ready for the Kickstarter launch. With that said, after some very rigorous bug/play testing the game is done and I will be launching the Kickstarter tomorrow! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/natepeters/doodle-world
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome! Will keep this thread updated with details about the game.
  7. Greetings! I am new to the forums and this is my first post. Name's Nate. I am software analyst and in the last few years I had to shift focus to Assembly and in an effort to become more proficient I decided to learn how to make an NES game. Just when I started to get my feet wet in the pool of NES development I learned about NESMaker and it's Byte-Off competition while at PAX South in 2019. After talking with Joe Granato for a while and listening to a talk he gave at the con, I decided to give NESMaker a try and make something for the competition. Watching my, then 4 year old daughter, doodling on notepad paper one day the idea hit me. Make a game based on her doodle. Enter Doodle World. In Doodle World you play as Doodle, and he is out to save his world from the evil King Eraser and his minions of office supplies. Doodle World is a simple classic style side scrolling platformer. Run, jump, and kill enemies by jumping on them. There are a total of 15 levels spread across 5 lands... Notepad Hills, Crystal Crayon Cave, Felt Tip Forest, Dry Erase Desert, and King Eraser's Castle. Along the way you will collect crayons which grant you an extra life after you collect 100. Find a flashing super crayon and you will be invincible for 10 seconds! The whole game gives the appearance of being drawn and colored on notepad paper. Doodle World was made using Notepad++ and NESMaker for script and asset management. The game is complete and is currently being play tested and bug fixed. I am planning a Kickstarter campaign scheduled to kick off on Aug. 17th.
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