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  1. Wonder Boy for the Sega Master System showed up a day or two after Christmas. Definitely the game I’ve been playing the most on my system. I am feeling a bit of burn out on collecting for the system and I’ve been getting interested into the NES and especially the Famicom/Famicom Disk System again since I haven’t bought a game for it in almost 2 years, but there are definitely some games I still want to get for the master system. Also I am expecting copies of Sonic 1 and 2 for the Master system, but they haven’t arrived yet. I have been told that they are really good condition copies to
  2. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. These games will hold me over for quite some time until my birthday comes up in a few months. First up we have have Super Mario 3D All Stars. I think it’s cool to have the ability to play these games portably. The Super Mario Game and Watch was a must have for me. Being the huge Game and Watch fan that I am, I knew I had to have it. Who doesn’t need a millionth way to play Super Mario Bros? For the GameCube we have a very clean copy of Super Smash Bros Meele. Brawl will always be my favourite, but initial play puts Meele at
  3. Haven’t posted in a VERY long time. Only recent additions include the Williams tables on Pinball FX 3 (volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and the Universal Monsters pack), and this copy of Sonic Heroes for the GameCube.
  4. Seems interesting I guess. I already have Sunshine and Galaxy so I’m just really getting it for 64, and for being able to play on the go. Not really something I’m go cry for If I don’t get it. Same with the Mario battle royale, not really something that’s grabbing my attention. The Mario 3D world looks cool. 3D world is a really fun game that more people should play. Mario Kart looks really cool, but not something I’m going to get. The Game and Watch is the thing I really want to have. I love them, and it’s awesome to see them releasing products like this.
  5. I finally got my copy of Streets of Rage 4 to add to my ever growing switch collection: I also had some spare time in the afternoon, so I ran over to Salavation army to see if there was anything worth picking up. And there was nothing. Not even a single GameCube sports title. Even the PS2 they had there about a week ago was gone. The only thing worth noting at the store was this NES clone system that I found. It was a little beat up, and it didn’t have a power supply, so I didn’t want to chance the 5 dollars. I already have one at home, that is also missing the power supply.
  6. I bought mine off of Amazon. Mine was delivered in an Amazon paper package. I was thinking of getting a new cover, but honestly I was more concerned about the book. The damage isn’t terrible, but in some spots it’s a little rough. Unfortunately I think I can no longer return the item, which is fine as I really like the book and when put on a book shelf it looks ok.
  7. Newest game pickups include Paper Mario the Origami King and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, the latter of which really isn’t mine but I still picked it up. Really need to get more into the Olympic/Winter series of games. Also here’s the Sega Master System visual compendium, to go along with my system I got not to long ago. Very good book and covers a lot of good games. The 3-D games are cool since you can look at them in 3-D with the included 3-D glasses. My case for the book didn’t come in amazing shape but the actual book itself is in good shape. Lastly I am
  8. Nothing too special for today’s pickups. Just some Master System games that I thought I would enjoy. Also a nice fine layer of dust on the covers. I was speaking to the person at the cash register, and they said that other than me picking up my console with 4 games last weekend, and the 3 I just picked up today, no one has picked up any games recently for the Master System, but I could see why. Anything else worth picking up were missing the manuals, or were not mint. Not to mention how over priced some of them were. Some actually had decent prices. I checked my store points, and I’m uber
  9. Right now I have gone from wanting everything to collecting for systems I actually want and that I have. I really only want to do a full set for the U.S. Master System, but right now I’m getting anything I get. I’m also not specifically going for the U.S versions of the game, getting the PAL version of the game is just as good. Prices on eBay are going up, and I’m actually seeing deals at my local game store which never has deals, but that’s due to the fact that nobody was buying master system games, so more for me. Other then that I’m getting any games I want for systems I have. I don’t
  10. Pro Wrestling on the Master System isn’t the worst its just-nope I don’t have anything to back it up. A lot of early Master System games had really cheap looking, of what I would call clip art. I think it makes them unique, but some just aren’t right, and this one makes no sense. If I were to judge this game to let’s say, Pro Wrestling on the NES just by box art alone, I’d take the NES game (I’d take the NES game over the Sega one any day in any department ).
  11. I recently picked up a Sega Master System with a controller and a light gun plus 4 games. I got a small discount on each of the games due to the fact the all of them have various condition issues, but they are all fun to play. I really like the box art for the Master System games. Space Harrier is my favourite game out of the bunch, but I have probably played Shinobi the most.
  12. I searched up for a complete U.S. Sega Master System list, as I just got one and I saw that someone had posted a complete list in the collecting area, so I decided to join the website.
  13. Hello new guy here. I have been collecting games and game related things for a few years now. That’s about it. Really looking forward to using this site.
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